10 Worth Trying Phpbb Free Themes

PhpBB is one of the most popular open source forum management CMS, used mostly for managing forums. Developed in PHP scripting language, this open source CMS is best alternative to vBulletin that developers are using currently for developing form sites. So, let have a look at top 10 worth trying Phpbb Themes Available for Free.

Clear Colour phpBB3 Skin

Clear Colour phpBB3 Skin

Available with two color schemes, i.e. Black and Blue, this phpBB template enhances a clean and minimal design with a simple yet effective layout. This beautiful theme is best for various types of online forums.

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BusinessForum phpBB Skin

BusinessForum phpBB Skin

As name suggests, it is one of the best things for business forums available with black and white color scheme. Users can able to customize this theme through CSS.

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WoWMoonclaw phpBB Theme

WoWMoonclaw phpBB Theme

WoWMoonclaw phpBB Theme has list of colors like black, yellow, blue, red, etc. This is one of my favorite themes based on the game World of Warcraft (WoW), which is one of the well-known games. Users can find a table based layout in this theme that shows the content in the most accurate ways.

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Cooperative phpBB Theme

Cooperative phpBB Theme

This colorful theme is available for two different colors like black and dark red color, available on the bars, bands and sidebar of the theme. This cooperative phpBB Theme available with rounded corners that enhances designs more excellently. Cooperative phpBB is a formal and decent theme that setup on any forum site.

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Tachyon is greatly accepted by number of developers as it is available with some marvelous features like RTL support, 3 customizable layout options, JS form styling, 8 preset styles, 50 module variations, cross-browser compatibility, scrolling forum modules, lots of module positions and many others. Scrolling Modules of this theme has two factors for showing new and unanswered posts.

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Hestia is another demanded phpBB template available for free. It contains a subSilver2 (table based) design with three attractive colors like red, white and blue. Adorn your forum sites with anyone of these colors to get best look.

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SimpleDarkBlue is one of the simplest phpBB templates available with premium theme with zero cost. This attractive theme comes with marvelous features like blue, black and grey color scheme with custom icons, fluid width and a simple layout.

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Available with a simple layout and design, xabbBlue is available with two excellent colors, i.e. blue and white. This fabulous theme is based on Prosilver.

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Hermes phpBB Theme

Hermes phpBB Theme

With this excellent theme, you can able to alter the layout of your support forum. Using this theme, you can change color of theme with dark colors shades.

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Shadow lite

Last but not a least, Shadow lite phpBB template is designed with custom footer and header menus. In this beautiful theme, you will find a tableless design with a simple white and gray color scheme and default prosilver folder icons

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List of beautiful Phpbb Free Themes is not over here, there are many other themes are available for free to decorate your forum sites excellently on the web. If you want to more customize as per your preferences then contact phpBB customization company Perception System.

Some Free & Popular Cs-Cart Add-ons for E-Commerce Owners

For generating a perfect e-Commerce website, Cs-Cart is one of the best shopping cart solutions that let e-Commerce owners to get an exceptional quality e-store to expand their business worldwide. Today, business owners can opt for this solution that allows them to develop from small e-store to virtual shopping mall. This highly interactive online store supports with numerous features that include full inventory control, various payment & shipping options, promotional tools, unlimited products and more.

Being a robust and creative shopping cart platform, it makes it easy for people to get flexible and user-friendly website that they are looking for. This solution has all those features and functionalities that are required to develop a successful online store. With this e-Commerce solution, users can easily edit, publish and create different types of web content that comprises text banners, customer testimonials, static pages, graphics and contact forms and more. Its handy menu-builder makes storefront extremely easy and convenient for your web store visitors.

As we all know that Cs-Cart is a PHP based shopping cart, which uses MySQL when it comes to store data. To build website in an attractive manner and feel, smarty template engine is used by developers. As compare to various other e-Commerce platforms, Cs-Cart is a great choice for businesses due to its extra-ordinary features that include 100% open source code, excellent flexibility & development, hook-based modular architecture and more.

One of the best things about this platform is that it offers numerous free add-ons to its users that make it easy for them to manage, organize and access their website efficiently. There are various free Cs-Cart add-ons obtainable on the web, so businesses can choose any add-on according to their requirements and get lots of benefits.

1. SEO Titles:

SEO Titles is a great Cs-Cart add-on that can be used for free of charge. This is one such add-on that enhances SEO of your store. Set title for products and content pages by using this excellent add-on. In the add-on configuration page, title pattern will help you out to change all the titles using product/page name and other properties. So, you can set all the product pages’ title as per this pattern and get lots of benefits. This add-on offers lots of features to its users that include boost SEO of one’s store, doesn’t remove existing titles of the product pages and many more.

2. Related Products:

Related Products is also one of the best Cs-Cart add-ons that aids you configure related products. This add-on is useful for those owners, who have lots of product with similar characteristics. By using this add-on on your website, you can help your customers to find a perfect product that they are looking for. However, this add-on configures only products and its accessories, but works excellently. So make use of this add-on to avail lots of benefits.

3. Lazy Loader:

Lazy Loader is the best Cs-Cart add-on that is 100% open source and compatible with different browsers like Chrome, firefox, Safari, IE8, Opera and IE9. The best thing about this add-on is that it comes with numerous features that make your Cs-Cart website successful. Download this excellent add-on that allows you to enjoy lots of benefits.

Perception System is a leading open source development company, especially in Cs Cart Development Solutions offering end-to-end open source solutions at the most competitive rates. The company has an expert open source developers’ team, who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about open source platforms and its technologies.

ZenCart - A Great e-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution

ZenCart is an excellent e-Commerce shopping cart solution that is extremely popular among e-Commerce businesses due to its dynamic features and extraordinary functionalities. Based on PHP and using MySQL database, ZenCart offers support for multiple languages as well as currencies. Across the world, most of the people have decided to sell their products and services online to expand their business worldwide. If you are also looking to start an e-store to sell your products and services, you should opt for the best e-Commerce shopping cart solution to offer your customers a dynamic experience.

On the web, you will find a complete range of e-Commerce solutions to choose from, but ZenCart is highly popular for its innovative functionalities. You would also find lots of offshore ZenCart development service providers, who can develop a user-friendly and easy-to-use website where you can easily sell your products and services and guaranteed to get huge traffic and visitors. Stuffed with different flexibilities and features, it allows you to manage your online website efficiently. Apart from various features, ZenCart also provides a variety of benefits to its users, so e-Commerce owners should prefer for this solution if they are looking to run their e-store smoothly.

Today, there are various companies and organizations that are hiring ZenCart developers, who have hands-on experience in expanding store-front script and integrate your online store to payment gateway. However, it is also pivotal for e-Commerce owners to install SSL certificates as customers are not interested to enter in an ordering process where the system is not protected by security. Many of you will think why to hire ZenCart developers, but it is important for you to go professional developers, who work on online security, attractive & easy shopping cat designs and more.

They can easily expand one such website that is extremely easy to navigate, simple to pick items in a list and more. So business owners make sure to outsource their ZenCart development project to offshore ZenCart developers as they offer lots of features that include separate payment processing, coupon management, display modules, client management module, discount coupon integration, multiple customer, newsletter and so on.

When it comes to hire offshore ZenCart developers, you should prefer for Perception System, a leading open source development company based in India. The company has qualified and trained team of ZenCart programmers, who handle simple to complex project and offer on time and on budget services.

3000 Average Weekly Downloads [As Per Source Forge].

Author Bio:

Adam Wills is passionate open source developer in zen cart development company, Perception System. He fond of learning, researching, writing and eating.

CS-cart Development Deliver Excellent Order Management

CS-cart development

Are you finding difficulty in managing your online order? Then, you have to search out proper solutions that help you to manage your order with an ease and provide you essential functionality in your online store. E commerce is one of the most excellent worlds that surely bring huge business for every company, however one should have to create website by adding all the essential functionalities. There are many webmasters, finding difficulty in maintaining their online orders, here we are going to discuss exact solution for this matter and provide information about some important integration that allows business to run smoothly using inbuilt CS-Cart modules.

Mainly, there are four important modules for operating order in the best manners such as One-Page Checkout, Managing Returns, Payment Systems and Turnkey Shipping Services. Let’s discuss each of modules in details and hope for better management in future.

Payment Systems:
Webmasters can find more than 50 payment service providers with CS-Cart. So, they can only generate one account with one of given payment processing companies and submit their correct merchant details along with payment method in the CS-Cart admin panel. After completion of this process, he can get enabled enjoy real-time payment processing.

One-page Checkout:
One of the best ways you can ensure your potential customer is through one page check out process in CS-cart development. In this online software, you can enjoy one-page check out system without deducting any essential functionality. With this option, webmaster can enjoy a comprehensible interface and check customer preference both at same time. For customers, they can able to verify contents of their cart and check-out process at same time. Moreover, if he/she wants to edit any order, he can do it.

Turnkey Shipping Services
CS-Cart provides you two options for shipping methods, i.e. Real-time as well as custom shipping methods through some of the trusted courier service providers like USPS, DHL, FedEx and many others. In addition, it allows you to set your own shipping methods by defining various pricing for various delivery location.

Managing Returns
CS-Cart development takes your entire headache by simplifying, organizing and automating managing returns through RMA add-on. At the time of filing any complain regarding defective products, the system shows it automatically. Administrator also can view such product that customer want to return and decide to refund or replacement of product according to policy. Meanwhile, customer receives notification as well.

CS-cart development India
We have noted some of the best qualities of CS-cart development that allows managing online order with an ease. Moreover, webmaster can also adopt CS-cart customization service for their online store by hiring professional CS-cart developer. Perception System India is one of the leading CS-cart development service providers, serving its service in many countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc. So, hire CS-cart developer from PS and enhance capability of your online store.

Tips To Bring Business With Cs-Cart Development

Cs-Cart Development

CS-cart development is one of the excellent Open Source solutions that help to set up your online store more effectively. Being one of the leading Open Source software programs, CS cart blessed with number of advantages such as SEO optimization, in-house tech support, in built content management, administration panel, etc. that makes every store feature-rich and excellent. Before making use of this software, you have to pay some nominal amount of fees for this software without any further monthly charges. Once, you download your software, it is ready to use. One of the best advantage of this software is it can be easily access by every developers, no matter he/she is knowledgeable or not.

Moreover, you will get an idea regarding this software through demos that consist of features like the administration panel and store front. Users can also find ready to use checkout system and storefront that permit to upload photos of products and its information instantly in bulk. Through cs-cart customization process, you can arrange price setting for various group of people, i.e. different price of wholesalers and different for retailers. Even, you can set discount for particular group of people. As soon as you completed, you are ready to put your store online.

Setting your store is just half thing you have done, now you have to check certain essential things on regular basis such as fulfillment of orders, stock, complains of customers, etc. You also have to do setting for administration panel that includes currency changing and language changing. After your store runs on the search engine, you have to see how it gathers number of customers. there are number of excellent features available in CS Cart software, one of the best is affiliate add on, that allows visitors to put store banner to their websites and get maximum commission for every sale.

Another important add-on it has is SEO add on that allows to create dynamic URLs form static ones. Admin can also able to use Meta description, keywords, titles, etc. for enhancing ranking of the website. In case, you have any kind of problem after purchase, you will get 30 days support during which their experts are taking care of all your installation and set up process. After such period, you have to pay small amount as a subscription charge. So, hire cs-cart developer from the experienced CS-cart development company for your project and get excellent online store for your business.

Cs-cart portfolio

Click Here: Inqiury


Zencart development: Most Acceptable Frame Work For Developing Ecommerce Website

Zen cart development

E Commerce has been one of the emerging technologies of the market that brings huge business for every webmaster. One should find many softwares along with amazing features that gives maximum vantage to online business. No doubt, many different types of software’s available in the market, it becomes difficult for webmasters to choose one of the best. If you are webmaster and seeking of the perfect framework then Zen cart is the perfect framework, you are seeking of. Over past years, the popularity of online business has been increasing as people like to shop from their home without spending single dollar towards travelling.  

Zen cart development is one of the most desirable platforms included numerous features and vantages that helps to create amazing website according to the merchant’s desire. One can easily create variety of shopping cart or shopping portal for any website by using this framework. If we are comparing Zen Cart with other framework, it is one of the most promising platform deliver excellent flexibility to every business. The best thing about Zen cart development is one can easily access admin area without any knowledge of technical expertise. Moreover, one can easily do Zen cart customization by adding certain effective features like payment gateway integration, theme designing, template development, etc.

In addition, one can find certain essential features like multiple payment gateway, Meta tags generation for search engines, Multilingual support, Options to display product attributes in various forms, Numerous customization features, Flexible and scalable, etc. that makes it the hottest choice of the business person. The importance of Zen cart development has increasing gradually that invites many Zen cart programming companies to design or develop website in Zen cart development. There are many webmasters that pay less attention to the design of website, however it is one of the biggest mistakes they ever made while developing website.

 Zen cart development India
To avoid such mistakes, it is fruitful to hire Zen cart developer from the reputed company that transfers your ideas into reality. Ensure to create simple yet effective website that invites more traffic towards your website. Choosing an ideal development companies for your project will surely deliver certain services like Customized component development, customized eCommerce solution, templates and theme customization, etc. So, hire an expert from popular company and get accurate development of website with finest designing.

Check our fresh work: Zencart development Portfolio


Importance of Open Source Development in this Period

Open Source Development

We all are well aware with open source development technology that consist of plenty of open source development services such as designing templates, creating skins, installing open source solution, design integration and many more. Now, businesses of different verticals can suffice their needs by hiring different open source development services. Today, it is considered as a highly effective development technology that helps people to get their desired websites and dynamic software solutions.

It is one of the biggest platforms that offer a great number of solutions to varied industries such as insurance & banking, shipping & logistics, retail, oil & gas, advertising, marketing and many more. No matter whether you are looking to get an open source development service or open source customization, there are many open source development companies that offer superior quality open sources services at cost-effective rates. In short, all types of industries can hire these services and get lots of benefits, but it is important for them to hire open source developer, who provides resourceful services of open source development.

Open Source Development India
Apart from this open source development offers an advanced enterprise computing solution by which companies and organizations can gain prospective. Many open source development companies implement unique and exceptional strategies to meet client’s requirements. This modern epoch, it becomes important for all the online business to make use of open source technologies, if they are looking to provide their clients implausible experience. When it comes to talk about its unknown facts, there are lots of facts that are not as common as it. The name of this technology states that is obtainable free of cost and openly for everyone. Users can download it free of cost and acquire lots of benefits. The best thing about this platform is that users can use it from across the world.

Approximately millions of people are using open source development service, so all of you can imagine its popularity. Moreover, its technologies and tools are updated on regular basis that can be used without paying any single penny. All the users can easily install the updates of this technology and get many advantages as per their requirements. So if you are looking to hire an open source developer to develop and customize your website or application, you can visit Perception System, which is one of the biggest open source development companies, serving complete solutions related to it. You can also hire a developer from this company, who will work dedicatedly for your project and offer 100% satisfied service. 

Open Source Development  Portfolio


X-cart Development - Emerging Technology for Ecommerce Business

x-cart development and customization india

The new emerging technology, X-cart is mostly used for developing shopping cart to add all the latest features. This feature-rich shopping cart is available with highest security at the most affordable rates. X-cart development delivers you unexpected result that goes beyond your expectations. One can easily and quickly get professional online store with x-cart. There are myriad range of web development systems are available in the market, but x-cart development among the best choice among the webmasters as it delivers excellent solution through its open source software. This development of various types of open source software is one of the excellent outcomes for online consumers and webmasters.

It seems to be dream that online websites have changed that way of living and shopping as well considerably. That’s all for introduction part, now let’s discuss how X Cart ecommerce solutions provide great success for your business. X-Cart Ecommerce Development is available with attractive use interface and easy-to-understand. Such programs are very easy to create attractive shopping carts through some codes. Even, x-cart customization can also be done through proper coding and change the structure of cart according to business requirements. Moreover, at this platform the maintenance and development process is excellent as it is user-friendly interface.

Although, webmaster doesn’t have any knowledge of programming language can able to set his store according to the requirements. One of the best things about this online shopping cart is it allows you to add number of products along with description as much as you want. Those webmasters, who want to tap potential customers on your online store, can achieve by taking service of X-Cart ecommerce solutions. Even, X-Cart provides you WYSIWYG tools through which one can easily do numerous modifications to their online store or shopping cart. For convenience of customers as well as webmaster, it supports number of payment gateways that allows secure shopping.

Along with user-friendly, such product listing is search engine friendly that surely grab more traffic towards your store as a result you will enjoy more return on investment. Additionally, this online store development supports different languages and currency, so you don’t have to face any problem by expanding your business around the globe. If we are concerning about shipping facility, then you can have variety of choice to select the best one. X-Cart Ecommerce Development is supportable with HTML and CSS and consists of huge MySQL database. Including all such features, it wouldn’t be bad deal to hire x-cart developer from the reputed web development company to develop online shopping cart for your business.  

X-Cart Ecommerce Development portfolio


Cs-Cart - An Effective Shopping Cart for e-Commerce Website

Professional  CS-Cart eCommerce Development Company
Being one of the most popular shopping cart solutions, Cs-Cart has gained huge popularity in the market as it is a widely used framework that helps to build an e-commerce website of any size from small web stores to a big virtual shopping mall. No matter what you are going to sell on your website, but it is most important for you to find an effective e-commerce solution that meets your business requirements. Today, you can find many e-commerce solutions to use; however, Cs-Cart is specially designed to make sure optimal functionality of your web store, which is not possible through any other e-commerce solution.

This e-Commerce solution carries lots of innovative features like ready storefront, compatible with different payment and shipping options, unlimited products, full inventory control, promotional tools and many more. As compare to any other shopping cart solution, it is a resourceful shopping cart, which is written in PHP and MYSQL. It is one such e-commerce solution that has all those features and functionalities that are required while creating a successful online business. By using this shopping cart, you are able to create, edit, and publish all types of content on your website no matter whether it is a static page, news, contact form, customer feedback or surveys.

Best part of this software is that it search information related to environmental, without Meta tags, friendly map, tables, Google groups and so on. For search engines, it becomes much easier for them to search for your web store by which you can get more and more traffic on your website. Cs-Cart is an open source shopping cart and modular architecture based on hook to offer its users an amazing experience. Built with modern design, it provides high flexibility to its users that make it an ideal platform to develop e-store.

So if you want to make proper use of this solution for your online business, then it is recommended to you to hire Cs-Cart developers from any well-known open source provider company like Perception System. It is a professional open source technologies service Provider Company based in India that served thousands of clients worldwide and makes them happy by offering superior quality services. The company also gives assurance to provide CS-Cart eCommerce Development at cost-effective rates that fits in small and medium-sized businesses. 


X-Cart Launches X-cart Next with SaaS Platform

X-cart Next with SaaS Platform
One of the most popular e-commerce software developers, X-cart introduces its new and latest X-Cart NEXT, which is a first Cloud-hosted platform. This new and updated X-Cart NEXT comes with SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that allows its users easy-to-manage interface as well as one click upgrades. It is one of the biggest news for all the users of X-Cart that this new X-Cart NEXT is obtainable for 30-day free trail at (http://next.x-cart.com).

The major thing is that the developer (X-Cart) is also taking some major steps of providing X-Cart NEXT source code to all the certified developers so that they can design and add more and unique features to satisfy users. Developers are also able to add customer’s required features in this software that allows them to use it more flexibly.

The CEO of X-Cart, Maxim Vydrin said “Besides making X-Cart NEXT easy to install, use, scale and upgrade, we’ve erased one of the biggest objections to SaaS e-commerce platforms – the inability to alter the source code for a specific hosted storefront.” He also added in the statement "Now our certified developers can take advantage of the benefits of a hosted platform, but with the flexibility of a downloaded software package. We’ve also made this process much easier to implement."

Some salient features of X-Cart NEXT:
  • Multiple product type options
  • Full mobile OS compatibility
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Store statistics and analytics
  • Discount and promotion tools
  • SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags
  • Real-time shipping rate calculation
  • Social media integration, login
Users will easily find all the extensions or upgrades that are developed by developers at X-Cart’s partner community through the X-Cart NEXT Marketplace. Users can download all the extensions and upgrades without any hassle. The company also modeled the latest upgrades and extension installation process at Apple’s App store from where you can get complete idea about it.

To enjoy great number of features in X-Cart NEXT platform, you can hire X-Cart developers from Perception System, which is highly dedicated X-Cart development service provider in India. It has served its superior quality X-cart services to its worldwide clients by satisfying their each need. 


X-Cart Development : A Wonderful FB Connect Module for X-Cart

Recently a new module has been introduced in the market 7FBC, which is a Facebook Connect module for X-cart 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5. As we all know, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that used by millions of people across the world. This new and wonderful module is completely best as it is one such module by which your customers will not ignore your website.

X-Cart Module Development
7FBC module for X-Cart enables your precious customers and visitors to register/login using their Facebook login id and password in your website. There are many other X-cart modules also obtainable, but 7FBC has its unique and exclusive features that allow X-cart users to gain a range of benefits. By using 7FB connect module, you are allowed to one click login in your X-cart account. It also allows you to connect with new or already existing X-cart accounts to FB accounts.

One of the best features of this module is that it supports Facebook profile picture and it obtain user’s profile picture and then display it in the header. Apart from these features, it generates an address book entry for users when they first login. Users can use this module without facing any problem as it is extremely simple and easy to use module as compare to other X-cart modules.

If you are looking to get 7FBC module or any other type of X-cart module for your website, then Perception System is a leading open source development company that offers all types of open source technology services at affordable rates. Get high quality X-cart modules and get lots of X-Cart Development Services. Click Here To Check It Out.

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X-Cart Development: Boost The Sales of Your Online Business

With increasing demand for e-commerce websites, the demand for an X-cart development is also increasing as it is a most powerful e-commerce shopping cart software. For e-commerce sites, this software used to develop a PHP based shopping cart application that allows users to gain a range of features. Today, X-cart has gained huge popularity on the web, and it is considered as one of the effective applications for online businesses. Whenever any businessman thinks about the shopping cart software, the first thing that comes in their mind is X-cart because of its wonderful features that make it favorite software of all the people.


The success of any e-commerce website depends on the X-cart, so it is recommended to espouse this cart for your e-commerce site and enjoy lots of features. We can say that X-cart is a most fruitful program that enables users to increase the revenue of their business in a very short time-span. In recent times, more and more online businesses prefer this cart for their e-commerce sites and enjoy huge success rate on the web. Many of you have a good business, but do not have an e-commerce site, so it is important to look for X-cart shopping cart development.

By looking the success rate of this software, there are many people, who are looking for X-cart template customization to make their e-commerce website attractive. As per the type of any business, X-cart developer provides different personalized shopping cart application that meets businesses’ requirements. One can find X-cart developers and programmers, who are capable of developing structured skin or layouts by which s/he can give a professional appearance to a website.

A webmaster can also enjoy some extra and exclusive features to his e-commerce website and run his online business very smoothly. But, it is very much important for businessmen to hire an X-cart developer, who has complete knowledge of developing shopping cart software. It is also best to outsource X-cart website designing to offshore open source development companies as these companies are popular for providing high quality open source development service at rock bottom rates. These companies offer complete X-cart support and maintenance as per your need and do not charges high amount of rate.

Perception System is a most popular open source platform development company that offers a complete range of open source platforms like e-commerce development, content management system, dynamic web application development and more. The company is well-known for offering complete support without any hassle.

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