Looking to Enjoy Some New Things for Open-Source CMS on this New Year?

As we all that it is a New Year and it’s time for free and open source software (FOSS) at CMSWire.com. There are mainly three most popular content management systems in the world that are updated with new and innovative features. However, there are lots of people, who are waiting for Drupal 8 to debut, but that won’t likely to happen at this time. Well, let’s have a look on the other activities in this popular space:


Acquia is one such company that released updates constantly throughout the year 2013, but many of you all are waiting for Drupal 8 to launch in 2014. Most recently, Drupal-based social business tool open Atrium was updated to version 2, and the Drupal 7-based system has been downloaded by approximately 4000 times.

On Dec. 13 and 14 in Columbus, Ohio, two events has been conducted on Drupal. Moreover, there is a sneak preview webinar of an Acquia insight update at 11 a.m. ET Dec. 3. Imminent is an analytics tool that can be used to check on website code, app monitoring and developer workflows.


For Gilbane Conference 2013, Alfresco has been conducted on Dec 3 to Dec 5 in Boston, Mass. CMSWire.com was a biggest media sponsor of this event and there were lots of companies that provided continuing coverage of the most significant news and announcements. Alfresco was shown at Gilbane, given attendees a chance to meet the team and see its products up close and personal.

Crafter Software:

Crafter Software Company was also present at Gilbane and the members of the team was shown and taken part in two major sessions such as Building Next Generation Web Content Management and Delivery and Modern Web Content and Experience Management. A Crafter’s vice presidents of products, Russ Danner have taken part in both the sessions.

eZ Systems:

When it comes to eZ, it has released version 5.2, which is the third update in the v5 series, and it mainly focusing on bringing marketing and customer experience management features into the core. Some other major features include native multi site support, upgrading the Symfomy2 Full Stack Web framework to the 2.3 Long Term Support version, an updated caching system and many more. So, the framework will support for the next three years so websites can be easily assured of being more steady.


Concrete5 is a downloadable CMS, which is suitable for major revision and Concrete5 version 5.7 in the works. A roadmap has been put in place and the entire team is thinking with new proposed new UI, a rebuild of concrete5.org, deep re-architecting and more. At GitHub, there is a Concrete5 work in progress (WIP) 5.7 version for the team to hack-on. Many new features are looking to comprise a custom built JavaScript image editor and lots of topics are hierarchies of tags. Some major features update Gathering, which is considered content aggregator to pull in social media content.


Recently, Entando has launched version 4.0 with an updated Spring framework on the enterprise portal side of things. From GitHub, the community edition is obtainable for free, and the Enterprise Edition has also been upgraded. Comes with numerous features a cloud-ready architecture for compatibility with systems like jElastic, Heroku and more, Entando also offers a renovated storage service for managing dynamic CMS resources and upgraded search engine.


Providing information on Joomla, it has been updated to version 3.2 in November and it is one of the biggest releases for the second most popular CMS in the world. Joomla 3.2 version offers some excellent feature including version control, a rapid application development module, two factor authentication and many more. Joomla is also going to launch Joomla framework 1.0 which will be the latest version of Joomla platform.

Above mentioned things are completely new of open source CMS and every businessman can enjoy all these new features and get lots of benefits. No matter whether they are looking to get open source website development or open source customization service, you should hire open source developer from an experienced open source website development company.

On this New Year, it’s time to announce some open source software updates as there are many content management systems, but two major CMS have updated recently, so if you are looking to get in-depth information about the updates, continue reading this blog…

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Hidden Features of Woocommerce That Helps Your eCommerce Site to Grow More

 Woocommerce Development
Recent days, we have seen many changes in Business trends due to arrival of internet technology and online communication. This situation is internet becomes the means of promoting and marketing product for every business. All thanks to internet as it makes possible for even small business to make millions of profits by investing some amount of money towards marketing. eCommerce nowadays becomes the best ways to earn more profit and get your business visible among your potential customers.

No matter, you have small, medium or large business it is possible for you to increase your business to serve your customers by providing a perfect online solution. Tackle with all marketing problems and serve customers with best solution; Woocommerce is one of the preferable ecommerce WP plug-ins. This plug-in helps you to convert your simple WordPress site into highly interactive eCommerce store by adding schema data, a solid seo foundation, easy management and many more things that an online store requires.

Installing Woocommerce plugins, online merchants can easily sell their products excellently as it blessed with feature-rich solution. As the trend of responsive is running among the merchants to target mobile users and tablet users, it would be more advantageous to install this plug-in in your site. Having Woocommerce extension plugins, merchants can easily get enjoy amazing features that competes your eCommerce store with your competitors. This plug-in also has some eye-catchy features as well such as security to a WordPress Sucuri standard, a plethora of payment gateways, social media integration, comprehensive store management, Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, tax & Shipping options, and many others.

One of the best things about Woocommerce is it is vendor-friendly, customer-friendly and developer-friendly due to this it deliver the most amazing shopping experience to shoppers. Additionally, it also contains one page checkout option and many pages for product images and descriptions that allow you to add unlimited products. Other than this, some remarkable features for vendors are:
  • SEO

  • Security

  • Reporting

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Comprehensive Store Management

  • Intricate tax & Shipping options
Having all such features, if you want to install Woocommerce plug-in into your WP eCommerce site, it would be best to hire professional hands that carried your task perfectly. Woocommerce experts also provide you Woocommerce customization service that extends you site’s performance and increase your sales gradually. Adopt Woocommerce Development service and reach your eCommerce site on the top.
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