Some Free & Popular Cs-Cart Add-ons for E-Commerce Owners

For generating a perfect e-Commerce website, Cs-Cart is one of the best shopping cart solutions that let e-Commerce owners to get an exceptional quality e-store to expand their business worldwide. Today, business owners can opt for this solution that allows them to develop from small e-store to virtual shopping mall. This highly interactive online store supports with numerous features that include full inventory control, various payment & shipping options, promotional tools, unlimited products and more.

Being a robust and creative shopping cart platform, it makes it easy for people to get flexible and user-friendly website that they are looking for. This solution has all those features and functionalities that are required to develop a successful online store. With this e-Commerce solution, users can easily edit, publish and create different types of web content that comprises text banners, customer testimonials, static pages, graphics and contact forms and more. Its handy menu-builder makes storefront extremely easy and convenient for your web store visitors.

As we all know that Cs-Cart is a PHP based shopping cart, which uses MySQL when it comes to store data. To build website in an attractive manner and feel, smarty template engine is used by developers. As compare to various other e-Commerce platforms, Cs-Cart is a great choice for businesses due to its extra-ordinary features that include 100% open source code, excellent flexibility & development, hook-based modular architecture and more.

One of the best things about this platform is that it offers numerous free add-ons to its users that make it easy for them to manage, organize and access their website efficiently. There are various free Cs-Cart add-ons obtainable on the web, so businesses can choose any add-on according to their requirements and get lots of benefits.

1. SEO Titles:

SEO Titles is a great Cs-Cart add-on that can be used for free of charge. This is one such add-on that enhances SEO of your store. Set title for products and content pages by using this excellent add-on. In the add-on configuration page, title pattern will help you out to change all the titles using product/page name and other properties. So, you can set all the product pages’ title as per this pattern and get lots of benefits. This add-on offers lots of features to its users that include boost SEO of one’s store, doesn’t remove existing titles of the product pages and many more.

2. Related Products:

Related Products is also one of the best Cs-Cart add-ons that aids you configure related products. This add-on is useful for those owners, who have lots of product with similar characteristics. By using this add-on on your website, you can help your customers to find a perfect product that they are looking for. However, this add-on configures only products and its accessories, but works excellently. So make use of this add-on to avail lots of benefits.

3. Lazy Loader:

Lazy Loader is the best Cs-Cart add-on that is 100% open source and compatible with different browsers like Chrome, firefox, Safari, IE8, Opera and IE9. The best thing about this add-on is that it comes with numerous features that make your Cs-Cart website successful. Download this excellent add-on that allows you to enjoy lots of benefits.

Perception System is a leading open source development company, especially in Cs Cart Development Solutions offering end-to-end open source solutions at the most competitive rates. The company has an expert open source developers’ team, who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about open source platforms and its technologies.

ZenCart - A Great e-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution

ZenCart is an excellent e-Commerce shopping cart solution that is extremely popular among e-Commerce businesses due to its dynamic features and extraordinary functionalities. Based on PHP and using MySQL database, ZenCart offers support for multiple languages as well as currencies. Across the world, most of the people have decided to sell their products and services online to expand their business worldwide. If you are also looking to start an e-store to sell your products and services, you should opt for the best e-Commerce shopping cart solution to offer your customers a dynamic experience.

On the web, you will find a complete range of e-Commerce solutions to choose from, but ZenCart is highly popular for its innovative functionalities. You would also find lots of offshore ZenCart development service providers, who can develop a user-friendly and easy-to-use website where you can easily sell your products and services and guaranteed to get huge traffic and visitors. Stuffed with different flexibilities and features, it allows you to manage your online website efficiently. Apart from various features, ZenCart also provides a variety of benefits to its users, so e-Commerce owners should prefer for this solution if they are looking to run their e-store smoothly.

Today, there are various companies and organizations that are hiring ZenCart developers, who have hands-on experience in expanding store-front script and integrate your online store to payment gateway. However, it is also pivotal for e-Commerce owners to install SSL certificates as customers are not interested to enter in an ordering process where the system is not protected by security. Many of you will think why to hire ZenCart developers, but it is important for you to go professional developers, who work on online security, attractive & easy shopping cat designs and more.

They can easily expand one such website that is extremely easy to navigate, simple to pick items in a list and more. So business owners make sure to outsource their ZenCart development project to offshore ZenCart developers as they offer lots of features that include separate payment processing, coupon management, display modules, client management module, discount coupon integration, multiple customer, newsletter and so on.

When it comes to hire offshore ZenCart developers, you should prefer for Perception System, a leading open source development company based in India. The company has qualified and trained team of ZenCart programmers, who handle simple to complex project and offer on time and on budget services.

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