How to Hire Offshore X-Cart Developer Programmer

Technological developments have created a drastic influence in increasing on-line shopping trend. For generating effective sales on-line availability of proper shopping software is a die hard need. X-cart is effective shopping cart software that enables productivity of E commerce website for generating on-line sales. X-cart works the progression of shopping cart which allows people to make trouble-free sales.
X-cart development services offer organized skins or templates to convey a professional appearance to the web page. X-cart modules and X-cart add-ons are added functions performed by X-cart for E-commerce website to facilitate commercial transaction.
X-cart is admired among developers for its refuge providing feature. Security is one of the essential elements in the online retail, business and X-cart delivers high level of security in the transmission of electronic data from one unit to another. Transmission of commercial data from consumer's server to shop keeper's apparatus is extremely confidential which requires high level of security in order to save data losses. When a consumer enters some sensitive details for the purchase of goods on the web pages, then X-cart security features start functioning automatically, for providing security to entered data. Technology which is used by the system is TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure sockets layer) it works between the server of vendor and browser of consumer. Moreover, X-cart provides strict administrative security with password protection system and disruption detection system. 
X- Cart is widely used by the various online organizations and individuals such as there are various companies who run many sales channels in affordable budgets, whole sellers, retailers, distributors, E-commerce solution providers and various internet companies.
X-cart developer offer wide range of services execution as mentioned below:
- Custom Design Templates
- Custom Modules Development
- Cart Design Integration
- Cart Module Installation maintenance
- Payment Gateway Integration
X-cart developer programmer on successful installation serves varied benefits and service protection for the same as:
- Upgrade Search engine Ratings, X-cart is an essential tool for the online business execution as it enables search engines for the fastest search and enable higher page rankings. 
- Trouble free usage of shopping cart via E-commerce website, it enables the continuous and error free usage of shopping cart with easy access and high security at the same time. 
- Dedicated service providers, all service providers for X-cart are trained professional experienced and dedicated service providers available for flexible and affordable customized business solutions on-line. 
- Easy adaption of X-cart for Business, X-cart adopts the business trends very easily as it transmits the electronic data and commercial transactions from one unit to other very efficiently.
- Conversion of online store into dynamic sales tools enables on-line business tool as an effective server for web development and effective shopping cart features for usage. 
- Hire X-cart developer programmer for effective development and high security for on-line business. Hire X cart developer to start online business or boost existing on-line business sales from X-cart development via X-cart developer. X-cart plays major importance as it helps in control online business professionally and efficiently.
Hire offshore X-cart developer can provide complete e-commerce solution with development of competent shopping cart software & e-commerce websites. X-cart development india from X-Cart experts  can provides you upgrade Search engine Ratings, Trouble free usage of shopping cart via E-commerce website. Dedicated service providers, all Programmers for X-cart are trained professional experienced.
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Hire Dedicated Magento Developer for Custom Magento Development

Outsourcing skilled programmer from a web development company considered most effective way for custom development and customization of e-commerce based online store. On the other way around, by hiring Magento developer an individual can get maximum professional e-commerce solution. Hire dedicated Magento programmer for best integration services ultimately helps in redefining a web portal led to high degree of interactivity along with improved online presence.
Interestingly, there are several benefits of hiring Magento professional from web development company. Outsourcing dedicated web developer can be biggest advantage for an individual in case of stage-by-stage development work as an expert will be solely dedicated to particular project from starting to end. On top of that, by hiring web programmer, an individual can simply bring the development rate down up to some extent.
A person needs to hire Magento developer for following solutions:
  • Magento themes/ template customization
  • Module development
  • Module installation
  • Custom designed page
  • Magento template / theme development
  • Unified payment gateway integration
  • Magento backend and store management training
  • Extension development
Due to flexible hiring plans, one can hire skilled professionals from a web development company on full-time, part-time or hourly basis for Magento based customized online-store solutions. By means of Magento powered e-commerce based website, a person can get a multi-store retailing functionality along with different business promotion options, easy-to-use admin system, user account management system, order tracking and management, catalogue management/ browsing etc.
With the presence of umpteen online e-commerce solutions, it is quite difficult for an individual to select the best one for great results. Selection of best CMS and web application mainly depends on the business requirement. If a person wants to customize his website by using Magento application then only Magento developer can help for the same. Choose right programmer for best results and high ROI.

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Zen Cart for Ecommerce Web Sites

Zen Cart is a free and open source shopping cart software. As with all open source software it's source code is allowed to be freely modified and even redistributed by users. The code for Zen Cart is a fork of another shopping cart plug-in called osCommerce, and is meant to be easier to use and configure by those not so technically inclined. Zen Cart is maintained by a small, but dedicated community who are making steady improvements to the software.

Installation is fairly straight forward and painless, if you have ever installed WordPress successfully this should be a cake walk.
Zen Cart development is designed to make it easy to set up product listings, pricing and payment options as well as act as a content management system (CMS) for all other aspects of your e-commerce site. This makes the usual tasks of maintaining a site more intuitive and easier to understand for those who are not necessarily web designers or programmers. If you run in to troubles or need a quick answer to a problem, there is a very active help forum to get you sorted.

Most users will certainly want to customize their site by using one of the many quality Zen Cart templates available from various sites on the web. Use of Zen Cart templates will let the site owner quickly change the layout of their site to better suit their individual needs. A Zen Cart template is easy to install and eliminates the need to hire a web designer to tweak the basic layout to suit the particular type of product presentation you prefer.

Another aspect of any e-commerce site is, of course, colors and branding. And again there are several places on the web where a site owner can get Zen Cart themes development that use their specific company color scheme and branding. By using Zen Cart themes it allows the site to use the colors and branding associated with a certain brand or perhaps an established brick and mortar retailer. It is important to have a standard branding and color scheme shared by all facets of a business enterprise to insure consumer recognition.

A site owner may opt to go hire a web designer to give his store a highly customized look, this has some drawbacks however. First is the time needed to find the right designer with the needed skill set, designing for this shopping cart software is quite different from designing sites using the more widespread HTML and CSS languages. So you need to find a designer who knows how to design specifically on the WordPress platform.

Another aspect to consider is the time it takes to meet with the designer, have them produce a design mock up or two, and then make revisions before final design approval. If time is of the essence then using a pre-configured template and theme is definitely the route to take.

The upside to hiring a designer to give your site a custom look is that you will have a unique design that helps your site and business stand out among the hundreds of cookie cutter sites in your market niche. Your web site is often the first impression a customer has of your business, and there is no second chance to make a first impression.

A professionally designed web site that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate instills confidence in your products and helps keep customers on your site, increasing the odds of them making a purchase.

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Reasons to Hire osCommerce Developer

With so many things going on in the field of information technology, the development of os-commerce and e-commerce has made things quiet easier for people around the globe. These days, you will find companies are working hard on osCommerce website designing. There are trained developers and programmers who help to develop the formation of the e-commerce application. These skilled programmers assist in building the application more user-friendly and attractive. With the advent of osCommerce development and e-commerce, it has become simple and trouble-free for people to purchase commodities and draw on services from one nation while sitting in a different place. So, if you want to improve the grade of your website then hire osCommerce developer. They will add supplementary features to your customary website design.

Open source commerce also known as osCommerce, is a wonderful software program that deals with online storage managing and e-commerce programs. With time, an open source commerce way out to an e-commerce function has taken things to the better level in the IT field. The osCommerce solutions can be easily setup and are easy to maintain and incorporate. These days, companies in this field are coming up with first-class osCommerce services to cater various website needs and help the businesses continue to exist in this huge market. Hire osCommerce developer team for your company website and see where your website reaches. An open source commerce expert has a lot of proficiency in the field of osCommerce website designing. The programmer is well versed with various web databases and programming languages like Java, PHO, Joomla, and so on. So, if you want to make cost-effective and customer friendly website for your company hire osCommerce developer and make your business grow higher in the global market.

Today, business people prefer those databases and programming languages that are specific and can handle intricate tasks together with helpful compatibility. This is the reason, large division of web programmers and developers are using PHP as a modified web development solution for building fully efficient online portal. If you are looking forward to create highly professional and visually appealing web pages and web portal then immediately hire a PHP Programmer. Till now, PHP programming language has been considered as one of the most important fundamentals to develop a successful website.

Apart from osCommerce, PHP programming, Joomla, e-commerce solutioncustom application development, there is another important element to build up a website is CakePHP development. CakePHP  is an open source website application system in the PHP framework that is now considered as the latest classification of open source customization. If you want to develop a better website and introduce the latest CakePHP application in your website then hire CakePHP developer and create something new.

No wonder, with time CakePHP has turned to be one of the most sought after free open source CMS that can take your company website to superior heights of achievement as compared to your contenders. A CakePHP developer is highly skilled and makes things easier for you to see your website at a different angle.
If you want hire php programmer especially searching for Hire osCommerce Developer Please don't hesitate.

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Why or Why Not X -Cart??

X-Cart is a powerful e-commerce shopping cart platform written in PHP/MYSQL utilizing smarty templates, and contains numerous built-in features. As open source software x-cart can be easily customized to do anything you need by those knowledgeable in software development. X-Cart's robust features in combination with its low price point, make x-cart a great solution for your e-commerce needs.

Before you dive in and establish your x-cart store development, we feel it is important to make you aware of x-cart's limitations and inform you how these limitations can be addressed by resources made available by the x-cart community.
Limitation Solution

X-Cart can be server intensive and doesn't run well on some hosts such as GoDaddy. Use an x-cart recommended host as listed in our x-cart resources tutorial or run a dedicated server.
X-Cart is based in Russia and the language used in x-cart is not always user friendly. The languages are stored in variables which can be modified easily using the x-cart admin section.
X-Cart may not work exactly the way you want it out of the box. There are pre-built x-cart mods available to add additional functionality to your x-cart as well as developers in the x-cart community available for custom development.

The smarty templates require some programming knowledge to be able to properly implement a custom design and often to make necessary changes. Our x-cart tutorials, the x-cart forum at X-cart development, and other x-cart resources are valuable sources of information to help you understand what is necessary to manage your x-cart.

X-Cart frequently releases upgrade patches. The upgrade process is not overly difficult once you are familiar with the process, and there are also developers and development firms available to perform upgrades for you.
While x-cart is W3C compliant, it uses tables extensively and doesn't have the cleanest HTML code. You can modify your x-cart skin to be more efficient, or install an x-cart template.

To summarize, x-cart is a great e-commerce solution which benefits from a knowledgeable community, x-cart mods and x-cart resources, which address limitations within the stock x-cart. While x-cart comes with a low price point, be sure to leave some room in the budget for further development and x-cart mods to get the most out of your x-cart. Also expect to do some hands-on work or pay somebody else to do so on your behalf.

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Magento Development Company based in India

Magento Development Company India

Magneto is currently a dominant player amongst the open source eCommerce suites. Customers are looking for their websites to run on Magento as it is the ecommerce platform filled with fruitful features such as multi store functionality, custom friendly, Search Engine friendly, easy integration, and much more.

It is being availed by customers worldwide as it is an open-source technology which gives complete control over the content and functionality of their online store. It is one of the best options to choose for small and medium size online stores. Multiple online stores and websites can be easily managed using a single administrative panel.

Downloads are very quick and with the help of the Magento web hosting, an attractive impression is placed on the customers thoughts as most of them will believe in the operation and functionality of your online store. Hence revenue of the store keeps increasing as we get a good mark on customer’s thoughts by which they will keep coming back for more purchase.

Offshoring the Magento development project to Asian countries has been raising high due to cost effective solution obtained at a much quicker time than others. Currently, most of the companies are off shoring their Magento development projects to India due to the quality of work which are reaped from the skilled professionals in Magento. Services such as Magento installations, Magento customization, custom development - themes, widgets, extensions, upgrades, debugging and much more are availed by companies across the globe.

Successful Magento web development companies are providing valuable solutions to its clients using their expert Magento developers. The excellent software and hardware infrastructure and 24 hours support are being provided by IT companies which are undertaking Magento development projects in India.

Cogzidel Technologies, a professional offshore web design and development company in India has greater expertise in Magento and is providing successful Magento development services for the past few years for numerous companies across the world. The quality of work that is being offered by their expert Magento developers speaks for itself. Companies are opting for companies like Cogzidel Technologies due to major factors like quicker turnaround time, fruitful results and much more.

With their expertise in the Magento development field, they are providing a cost effective solution to their clients. Magento experts is offering a hire magento developer service using which the company can hire a dedicated Magento developer and assign him for their projects according to their requirements. Magento theme designers are available with them as well.

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Customizing Zen Cart and Oscommerce Developer

Zen Cart Development is PHP based open source online store management system. It uses HTML components and a MySQL database. It is readily available under the GNU General Public License and supports various languages and currencies.

Zen Cart split from osCommerce and started an independent project. The two systems differ from each other due to Zen Cart's architectural changes (e.g. a template system) and a few new included features in the nucleus. Amid the modules already integrated is a Gift Certificate/Voucher module, which allows managing, creating and sending the digital coupons

Zen Cart customization allows you to design several appearances for your store for possible seasonal themes, and makes upgrading very simple. When customizing your Zen Cart take into consideration that the template system consists of three parts, database settings, the override system, and the automatically included files. Make sure to gain prior knowledge for Zen Cart customization as it can be a bit tedious, information such as maintaining colors for the main area of your site and sideboxes, can be controlled via the stylesheet, how to create a different page layout from the default should be considered.

OsCommerce is an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available free under the GNU General Public License. It is very user friendly and features some distinct online shopping cart functions that permit online storeowners to arrange, manage, and sustain online stores with minimal effort at very low costs with no limitations involved.

With a suitable strategy, development for Oscommerce Websites can aid you enormously. One can endorse and boost sales of product lines and create new sales leads. With OsCommerce customization, you can also combine distributors & procurement. You can customize OsCommerce store design in many ways and optimize it to raise brand awareness.

OsCommerce development in India has led to a sort of uprising in the web development industry, especially in the online trading arena. Oscommerce is a remarkably flexible ecommerce solution, it is not designed for appearance and aesthetics from the beginning, and hence the default look needs to be stylized into something that would compliment to your business. In actuality, applying a visual design that will be a success with your customer is crucial, as it will determine whether it increases customer confidence, and brand name recognition.

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Why Go For Open Source Software

“Open source is a set of principles and practices on how to write software, the most important of which is that the source code is openly available”

The free software movement was launched in 1983. In 1998, a group of individuals advocated that the term free software be replaced by open source software (OSS) as an expression which is less ambiguous and more comfortable for the corporate world. Software developers may want to publish their software with an open source license, so that anybody may also develop the same software or understand how it works.

Benefits of Open Source Software

Low Cost

NO need to buy expensive server software licenses or renew. The service includes all required software, and never required any additional softwares.
Efficient WorkingThe major reason is it is virus free. Also it works fine with lower configuration hardware. You will not require to take higher configuration hardware.


Almost all software releases contain bugs. When a bug is spotted in proprietary software, the only people who can fix it are the original developers, as only they have access to the source code. Open source software is different. As a large number of users can access and change the code, bugs tend to be more visible and more rapidly corrected. One of the slogans of the open source movement is that ‘given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow’


Closed source applications can only be customized or adapted by the original vendor. Open source applications may be customized by anyone with the requisite skill. Thus, open source software can be readily adapted to meet specific user needs. Even if you cannot program yourself, it is easy to post a feature request on an open source software project’s home page. If you would like something added or customized urgently, you can generally pay an appropriately skilled software developer to do it for you.


With access to the source code it is easy to translate the language of the software interface. Large closed source commercial software vendors are usually unwilling to translate their products into less widely spoken languages, as the market for them would be too small to guarantee profit.

Easy Learning From Examples

If you are interested in programming, open source code provides an excellent resource from which to learn, and open source projects provide a practical environment in which to test your skills. Just watching the development process can provide an education in itself. If you choose to submit code to an open source project, it will generally be checked and commented on by experienced programmers. Once you have convinced the project community that your code is of appropriate quality, you may be granted full committer rights yourself.

Large Community and become a part of it

By adopting open source software you become part of a community of users and developers who have an interest in working together to support each other and improve the software. The extent to which you engage with this community is up to you, but you may obtain the intangible benefits of goodwill if you do.

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