How to Get Started With Analytics & Reports in Moodle?

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Learning analytic and eLearning reporting provides deep perceptive into the progress of learners and makes sure that objectives are being met. By viewing trends of engagement, submissions and other data, educators can get to assist to boost the eLearning experience helping retention rates and student successes.

Here, you can find how you can get started with analytics and reports in Moodle website, so continue reading this blog and huge information: 

Overview Statistics: 

This is one such plugin that produces a website and course reports charts, comprising countries, user-login, preferred languages, number of courses by category, by size and enrolled users. Moreover, this high-end plugin will also extend the main feature of statistics in a Moodle website. The code has been designed in such a way that makes adding more reports a lot easier and simpler.  

Events Monitoring: 

In Moodle 2.8, a new feature has been added 'events monitoring' that enables admins and teachers to receive notification when particular events happen in Moddle. You can watch the events monitor and explore some of the events.  

Site-Wide Reports: 

For learning analytics, Moodle administrators will get access to a lot of and useful site-wide reports like question instances, security, logs and comments. Along with reports obtainable for both website and course level, below mentioned site-wide reports are available for administrators like backups that shows a list of all course backups made and the next scheduled automated backup execution time.  


At the teacher level, these activity reports can be viewed by the administrator with live logs. In Moodle, logs are activity reports, and they are obtainable through website and course level as well.  

Engagement Analytics: 

When it comes to talking about engagement analytic, it offers information about student progress against various indicators and activities of student that have been recognized by current research to have an impact on student success in online courses. However, this plugin is still not supportable with Moodle 2.8 and needs mod and block plugins.  

Forum Graph: 

The Forum Graph report studies interactions in a single forum activity and develops a force-directed graph with the help of D3.js Javascript library. Important note: this is one such plugin that is not yet supported with Moodle 2.8. 

Thus, these are six simple ways to get started with analytic and reports in Moodle development. However, if you are looking forward to Moodle development services, you can hire a professional Moodle developer, who can assist you throughout your project.

Moodle’s BigBlueButton Plugin Updated For Moodle 2.8

An open-source web conferencing and Webinar/virtual classroom tool ‘BigBlueButton’ has been obtainable since 2007 in the market. The main aim of this tool is to allow universities, colleges and K12 to deliver top-notch quality learning experience to remote students. However, this project has come a long way since then as the company also introduced recording LTI integration and other important long required features.

The best thing about this tool is that it supports real-time sharing of slides, audio, video, chat and desktops. It is also known for recording lectures for later playback, specifically the slides + audio + chat and more. As discussed above the BigBlueButton project was started by Blindside Networks.

Moreover, our work on BigBlueButton core as the company has developed this Moodle 2.x activity module, so you can fully leverage BigBlueButton’s capabilities from within your courses.

In 2015, pausing to recording feature has been introduced in the platform for synchronous communication and the ability to do an audio check before starting a session and listens only mode and more.

Recently, a new updated plugin for Moodle 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 was launched by Blindside Networks, a creator of BigBlueButton. Moreover, the Moodle activity also enables users to leverage all service capabilities directly from a Moodle course where the integration has been made.

For more information, you can check it out: 

From Moodle, the activity allows you to do following mentioned things:
  • Schedule
  • Record
  • Join live sessions
  • Restrict access
  • and much more
Furthermore, you can also see the integration in action here: 

About Moodle:

Moodle is a highly flexible, scalable and open source learning platform that can be used to develop a private website for online courses. The platform is well-known for its secure learning management and customizable features and among its users, the platform is also known as learning management system, or virtual-learning environment. Moodle is a perfect platform for e-Learning projects in University, School, Corporate training and other sectors.

If you wanted to get more information on Moodle development or Moodle customization, you can contact us as our team of professional Moodle developers can help you out.
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