Reasons Why Government Needs Open Source Databases

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The recent reports of the economy have been positive; however, government agencies are still facing unparalleled financial pressures as a result of the 2008 economic crisis and following requisition. There are a lot of agencies that are forced to make do with less, funding for technology programs – across federal, local and state jurisdictions – can be the first area to face cuts.

By keeping this in mind, CIOs are always looking forward for different ways to unify and optimize their existing technology to fit into new budget needs. These days, open source technologies become the main concern for government agencies as they look to harness in costs without sacrificing security.

Government CIOs can do fine to first assess the current database architecture for enhancing opportunities at the time of examining current infrastructure for potential updates.

All the databases that house and manage data – the livelihood of every digital organization – frequently account for the largest portion of an IT department’s financial resources. 

Moreover, databases also symbolize a wide opportunity for leveraging open source technology to decrease costs.

Recently, the research firm has forecasted the use of open source databases that exceed traditional solution, noting: “By 2018, more than 70 percent of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS, and 50 percent of existing commercial [relational database management system] instances will have been converted or will be in process.”

Security –

For government agencies, data security has always been and continues to stay an important part, giving the responsive and business-critical nature of the information they collect. There are some of the IT departments that may have doubtful of the security abilities of open source solutions.

Open source database solutions are being used fruitfully in mission-critical applications in huge organizations that showed by Gartner's 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.

Affordable Costs –

Open Source solutions provide wonderful flexibility in pricing models also. There are some cases in which vendors provide open source databases price on a subscription-based model, which removes the licensing fees common to large proprietary systems.

The essential element to a subscription is that it succeeds as operating expenses versus a more difficult capital expenditure. Therefore, organizing open source and open source-based databases become a lot easier process and can cost 80 to 90% less than traditional solutions. It enables agencies to refocus these resources on novelty and key organizational drivers.

Deployment –

A lot of government IT systems want to be flexible and sometimes mobile. Databases support apps that may be deployed on tanks, aircraft, temporary office spaces, underground sites along with being housed in a permanent data center facility.

Accordingly, deployment requires to be quick and simple, and they physical equipment light and portable. Open source solutions that make use of levels of memory and RAM and take up less server space, offer an ideal option for these situations, compared to installation of customary systems, which can be a herculean effort and take up a big amount of disk space.

Moreover, open source is a proven database technology, which can handle the most demanding government missions, offering secure, nimble and responsive infrastructure at affordable costs, satisfying government mandates, comprising the October 2009 Department of Defense memorandum.

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Moodle LMS Review – Why it is the Best Option?

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Moodle is the most powerful educational Learning Management System (LMS), which allows educators to level-up features with different instruction, reporting modules and assessment. Being an adequate to say, Moodle is not your typical learning management system.

The first and most important thing is Moodle obtainable for free of cost, so users are capable of customizing or modifying through modular, commercial and non-commercial projects and interoperable plugins can be shared without any licensing fees. Moodle is one such platform that has built up an active and far-reaching legion of learners, developers and educators.

The platform has attracted 70 million+ users in the fields as wide-ranging as higher education, medicine, government from nations as varied as Colombia. The developer community of Moodle has keenly contributed to the project, including more than 120 language localizations.

Like other open source plans, Moodle involves compromises. Not like a paid option such as Absorb LMS, Moodle is not a turnkey. Users need to do a granular configuration while administrators can allow advanced features like Single Sign-On (SSO).

However, the same principle affects to eCommerce. When it comes to talking about LMS, it requires an integrated marketplace, but users can distribute paid courses through CourseMerchant or enroll in different courses through

In this case, Moodle is not considered as a feasible option for the small business owner, who wanted to develop onboarding materials, but Moodle is a thrilling option for educators, who can ask a Faculty Technology Center or IT departments to help out in supporting, configuring and administering their LMS. Still, the free service of Moodle provides adequate potential and versatility to be named Editor’s Choice LMS.

Dashboard, Themes & Blocks –

The dashboard of Moodle is prearranged across content Blocks. The course overview block occupies the center of the screen with left-and-right-aligned blocks for navigation and news by default. By hiding, adding, deleting and docking blocks, users can easily customize dashboards.

The best thing about this platform is that it has as much visual panache as Wikipedia. Moodle provides two different themes. Along with the standard theme that it offers, Moodle offers a custom theme, through which administrators can pinch text and background colors and upload a custom logo and footer. You can also produce a fairly unique looking giving page, if you are technically savvy.

If you choose to customize the look and feel of your LMS, you can count on it remaining accessible. Along with the compatibility with every major browser and device, the interface soon will be responsive. Moodle is also well-known for providing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Roles & Groups –

From a range of roles, administrators can easily make their choice that often overlie in complicated ways. At the top level, site administrator and Manager are there that followed by roles related to course assembly: Non-Editing Teacher and Course Creator.

However, teachers are able to edit or add content of accessible courses; Non-Editing teachers can only post grades. Mainly, there are two different types of learners, including students can easily access and participate in courses while guests can only check courses.
Administrators are capable of selecting from numerous roles that often in complicated ways. 

At the top level is the site administrator and manager, followed by roles related to course assembly: Course Creator, Teacher, and Non-Editing Teacher. Whereas, teachers are able to add or edit content of existing courses, non-editing teachers can also post grades course creation is reserved.

Progress Tracking, Reporting, and Plugins –

Reporting of moodle can be easily increased to satisfy the craving of the data-hungry administrator. Moreover, administrators can also track learners’ progress related to courses, activities or grades by default. Baseline tracking can be easily expanded via optional plugins as administrators can add exclusive features, including checklist modules, progress bars and advanced integrations with Office365.

Along with the course-level activity and participation reports, administrators are allowed statistics to access user activity graphs and tables. In addition to this, administrators can also run website reports related to performance, activity and security. You can select from numerous designed to address the most esoteric reporting queries from listing all assignment files for a course or user.

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15 WooCommerce WordPress Themes to Download

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One of the most popular plug-ins, WooCommerce plugin empowers online store on WP websites. Those online stores, who are looking to set up an online store with WordPress, can go for WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce or other eCommerce plug-ins.

WooCommerce WP themes are available in different types. They are differentiated in terms of design, functions, features and so on. Here, we have collected some of the best WooCommerce WordPress Themes for online store to make more attractive and functional.


GoodStore WooCommerce WordPress Theme enables to develop any type of online store. It provides an opportunity to adapt the layout, different options provided for displaying products in various ways.

GoodStore is retina ready, fully responsive and SEO optimized. It provides you two different layout sizes, i.e. boxed or wide to display your products. Additionally, you can easily customize your website in different ways and can also use and maintain when any update comes.


The Klasik Framework is better known as a “starter” theme that provides a quick jump into developing a WooCommerce site. This theme can be used for every business type, portfolio site, and blog.

With this theme, you will find a collection of features like 4 custom widgets, 8 widget areas, etc.


Want to set up an elegant online store for selling luxury items? Glammy eCommerce Premium WordPress Theme is best for developing online store to sell luxury, jewelry, fashion or other high-class products.

This theme comes with 6 different home pages and use unlimited colors, drag & drop page builder, WPML compatibility, Contact Form 7, and so on.


RoeDok WooCommerce WordPress theme is a clean and pure for creating online shops for clothes, jewelries, accessories, shoes or make-up. It enables to display items in the most trendiest and modern ways.

Being 100% responsive, this theme has great options, including powerful admin panel, unlimited sidebars, many shortcodes, translation readiness, mega menu, Nivo Slider, etc.


Victoria Fashion is one of my favorite WooCommerce WordPress Themes, used for developing attractive online stores for fashion or beauty products.

Having a fully responsive layout, Victoria may easily browse through your store from a smartphone or a tablet. With this theme, you can have features like special promotion blocks, video backgrounds, etc.


The Artificer theme is a responsive theme that has been appropriately styled and customizable to suit to any color scheme. It comes with shortcodes, custom widget areas on the home page that is preferred to design site.


Kancing is another excellent WooCommerce Fashion WordPress Theme that used for developing unique WooCommerce website for design, art, fashion and so on. Along with this theme, you will get some fabulous features like interactive sliders, a complete WooCommerce functionality that needed for running online store, different types of screen size resolutions, business templates and so on.

Installing Kancing WooCommerce Fashion WordPress Theme enables to develop a nice looking online store and allows customizing store in different ways.


Munditia is an eCommerce WordPress Theme that designed and developed for an online store. Along with this theme, you can have RevolutionSlider, zoom function for single products, wishlist and many other options.

Interestingly, this theme comes with a clean and beautiful design that is easy to modify and tweak according to requirements.

Kindergarten WordPress Theme

Kindergarten WordPress Theme is used for developing website for pre-schools, day cares, kindergartens or else. Interestingly, this theme is created on Bootstrap and is fully responsive along with retina ready for pixel sharp images and photos.

Installing this theme, you can simply add a small online store for selling kids relates stuff. Users can easily manage, organize and create an appealing store as it is a highly customizable.


Unite is the best highly customizable WordPress WooCommerce theme, having dozens of options to customize every aspects of theme. In this theme, you will find unlimited color variations.

Unite is used for different website types such as arts, programming, applications, eStore, business, finance, travel, and so on. This theme’s developers offer free support for all theme users to sort queries.


A vintage style WooCommerce WordPress Theme, Benissimo may create a fully functional online shop and can able to sell products in the most professional ways.

In this theme, you will find some special social icons that connect you with your users, make your own footers, product pages, display related products and lot more other things.

Interestingly, this theme has a cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized, well-documented in case you required answers to theme related questions. Additionally, it also provides advantages from a nice collection of features to set up an advanced eCommerce website.


Those people, who have boutique-style online stores, can use Wootique as it comes with a collection of customization options such as menus, background color, background image, and the footer.

This theme can be overall color customizable through its scheme to match user’s brand. It has fabulous features like CSS3 and jQuery slider, customize homepage layout, a sidebar, 4 footer areas, and 8 custom Woo Widgets.

Happy Kids Children

Happy Kids Children WordPress Theme is a theme especially created to install in kids related websites. Being a highly customizable, Happy Kids enables to create beautiful online presence.

This theme has a WooCommerce compatible and thus, developing a nice and fancy store is possible for selling kids items.


Dazzling is one of the best multipurpose WordPress theme that developed and designed by using Bootstrap 3 frontend framework that makes it fully responsive for tablets, desktop, mobile and so on.

This theme has dozens of Theme Options to change slider settings, fonts, color scheme and so on.


Vantage delivers a simple and clean layout that compliments any online store. Integrated with several plugins, it delivers a more intuitive developmental experience.

Vantage theme works with responsive layouts and custom sliders, Page Builder and MetaSlider for building custom, and so on.

These are 15 fabulous themes that you can use in your WordPress store to sell products with ease. If you want to enhance your WooCommerce store to add its functionality then Contact Perception System, an Opensource Development Service providers in India. For more information About WooCommerce Development Services, Visit here.

Top 8 Most Demanded Content Management Systems of 2015

Top 8 CMS Development
These days, it becomes extremely easy for developers to handle development project as there are numerous options of content management systems. With different options, it is a quite cumbersome task for people to choose one effective CMS that meets their requirements.

Depending upon how powerful CMS you need, what language it’s built in and other requirements, searching for a perfect CMS for your project is not less than a nightmare. However, there are some of the CMSs that have small edge over the rest of the competition due to the usability of the software.

Some of the CMSs are extremely easy to use and expand, so one can check out the below mentioned Content Management Systems that are the most demanded ones:


Drupal is one of the most advanced CMS that comes with a large and active community. Rather than focusing on blogging as a platform, it is more of a pure CMS. However, a plain installation comes with a lot of optional modules that can add numerous features like user blogs, profiles, OpenIS forums and more.

Being a trivial to develop a website, Drupal comes with social features and simple install of it. Even users are capable of creating some of the top website clones using 3rd party modules. The most powerful feature of this CMS is the Taxonomy module, a feature which enables for multiple levels and types of categories for content types.

ExpressionEngine is a fully flexible and stylish CMS solution that can be used for any type of project. This high-end CMS has set itself apart in terms of how clean and intuitive their user administration area is. Moreover, it is especially designed to be extensible and easy to modify.

To comprehend the layout of the backend, it only takes a matter of minutes. Being the best CMS for developing websites, the CMS has made it extremely easy for less-than-savvy clients to use the backend without getting confused. In addition to this, the CMS comes with a lot of helpful features, including the ability to have multiple websites with one installation of software.

When it comes to WordPress, it is highly powerful web software that can be used to develop a beautiful website or blog. The platform is fully free and priceless at the same time. This platform is so far the most popular CMS, which is a right choice for beginners, so users can make use of this excellent documentation.

All those people, who are not familiar with HTML and other markup language, a WYSIWYG editor is given directly out of the box. Moreover, the backend layout of this platform is completely smooth and innate, so a user can easily find their way across the administration section.

Till now, you have seen all the popular PHP content management systems, so it doesn’t means that we will not consider other popular web languages like Ruby. Today, Radiant CMS is a minimal and fast CMS, which might be compared to Textpattern.

This high-end framework is develop on the most powerful Ruby framework Rails. The developers of this CMS have done their best in order to make this software a simple yet effective one. However, the CMS doesn’t come with a WYSIWYG editor, and it mainly relies on Textile markup to develop rich HTML.

A JSP beefy enterprise content management solution ‘Alfresco’ is an extremely easy to install. The most powerful feature of the platform is the capability to drop files into folders and turn them into web documents.

As compare to other CMS, this one might be little bit more work. Moreover, the administration backend of the platform is completely clean and designed accurately. The platform is not a great choice for simple websites, but it is an excellent choice for enterprise requirements.


Being an advanced CMS in terms of functionality, Joomla has made it extremely easy for people to use it for websites. All thanks to Joomla’s installer as it meant to work on common shared hosting packages and it is a fully simple considering how configurable the software is.

It is a very much similar platform to Drupal and a right choice for a simple portfolio website. The platform comes with an attractive administration interface and various other features. For access control protocols like LDAP OpenID and even, Joomla offers a great support.

When it comes to talking about Cushy CMS, it is a fully different type of CMS altogether. In fact, it comes with all the basic functionalities of a regular CMS, but it mainly doesn’t rely on a particular language.

This simple CMS is a hosted solution, and there are no future upgrades, so there is no need to worry about. Obtainable for free of cost, Cushy CMS is a right choice for professional use. The users of this CMS will get an option to upgrade to a pro account to use their own logo and color scheme.

TYPOlight has an accurate balance of features built into the CMS. The CMS ranks with Drupal and ExpressionEngine in terms of functionality. Even the platform provides unique bundled modules such as calendars and newsletters.

Developers, who are looking forward to using this platform, can save their huge time with built-in CSS generator. Moreover, users can find numerous resources for learning about the CMS.

So, these are the top 8 content management systems that can be used to develop your desired website for your business. Moreover, if you have decided to get CMS development service for your business, you should hire an experienced CMS developer, who has adept in handling CMS based projects. For more information CMS development, Click here.
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