Moodle’s Mobile Messaging Got an Upgrade Making It Similar to WhatsApp

Recently, Moodle Mobile 1.10 was launched that brought a lot of innovative and new features like simple navigation, ability to sync when you have a wifi connection and a lot of other fixes.

Moodle Got Upgrading Whatsup
However, there are lots of other features, fixes and improvements of Moodle Mobile 1.10 that is a great mobile application. Moreover, this high-end application’s messaging interface got an upgrade, making it look more modern similar to applications such as Telegram and Whatsapp. On your android, Windows or iOS device, you can give it a go by downloading the application.

When it comes to talk about the new feature that has been added to this high-end application, new interface is what you all are looking as it is similar to Whatsapp/Telegram. You are also able to view your recent conversations, view user profiles, remove contacts, search for contacts, add/remove contacts and more.

Apart from these new features, various new improvements have been done. Following are the improvements that are mentioned below:
  • Synchronization: You can choose to enable sync data only when on Wifi connection.

  • New navigation system with improved headers. The main menu and sub menus are now more consistent.

Moreover, the company also fixes some issues that are mentioned below:

  • Application icon has big black outline on iOS8.

  • Removing a site should delete all the entries in the database related to that site

  • Styling not applied when no notifications seen

  • The user submenu styles has hard-coded colors

  • Label texts are shorten not truncating the last word

  • If a URL without the preceding www is specified then you get a very unhelpful error message

About Moodle –

A highly flexible open source learning platform ‘Moodle’ can be used to develop a private website for exclusive online courses. With its comprehensive, customization and secure learning management platform, users can get a complete range of features and develop a perfect website for their schools, institutes, colleges and more. Also known as a learning management system, this is a great choice for education industry to develop their websites.

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Top 10 Moodle Plugins in 2015 That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Top 10 Plugins 2015
As we all know that Moodle plugins are extremely popular that can be used for adding functionality or customize Moodle platform. The way Moodle has transformed an entire online teaching into something very effective and smart, but with its plugins, users are change the entire way of inviting submissions for assignments evaluating them and offer feedback to participants of the course.

By restricting access to course content to various levels is also possible with the help of using Moodle plugins. By using various plugins for Moodle, it becomes easy to add fun filled and interactive activities like quizzes to the courses.

Along with using these plugins to generate information and important reports about courses effectiveness, but you can also rely on them in order to offer trackers for progress monitoring. Without wasting your precious time on discussion, we have listed top 10 Moodle plugins in 2015 that you can’t afford to miss:

If you want feedback from your student’s or employees, you should try questionnaire as it enables you to develop and administer survey’s in Moodle without any hassle. This is one of the best plugins that is well-known for administering quizzes and tests as it offers you with fields for long as well as short questions along with multiple choices.

UNSW has developed this plugin that is an exclusively use for developing teams based off a set of criteria. You can easily ask your students some questions and develop a predicate based off their answers for your teams.

It is one of the best choices for you if you are looking forward for a more control as compare to Assign Randomly, but less work than “Manual Allocation”. For building Groups, it is the best option drag-and-drop interface if you wanted to make your groups yourself, but hate the time-consuming Moodle method you should use Team Builder in order to ensure that your life a bit easier.


Now, teachers and administrators can get an ability to upload Hot Potatoe and TexToy quizzes in Moddle with this high-end plugin. Teachers are simply developing the quiz on their computer and uploading them into the Moodle Course.

One of the best things about this plugin is that it reports become obtainable once a student/s has completed the questions. We all know that everyone loves automatic statistical trend analysis on student responses.

This high-end and feature-rich plugin shows latest and current lesson milestones in the side bar. However, teacher has ability to check them off as they are completed.

You are also able to enter a time-table that linked to various groups, so objectives can be entered as far in advance as you want will be displayed at the appropriate time. The best feature of this plugin is that students can view all lesson objectives a week at a time to track progress.

Being the best Moodle plugin, the quickmail block will add a link to a tool, which has a checkbox list of various students in the course, and it has a mail composition text area. It is a plugin that offers selective bulk emailing within courses, so Moodle users can use this feature-rich plugin and get a lot of benefits.


Now-a-days, adults and youth are becoming accustomed to visually pleasing websites with least text and lots of imagery. This plugin also enables you to develop a Moodle themed website, which does exactly this for users. Students and employees will be more probable to consume the content you provide them with boxed stories, images and headliners.

For all the students, Progress Bar is a time-management plugin, which shows which activities or resources a student is interact with in a course. Teachers have selected that pre-existing activities/resources to include in the Progress Bar and when they should be viewed.

As compare to other tools, it is a time management tool for you and your students. To instantly see completed viewed, color has been coded. Teachers are able to choose which pre-existing activities/resources are to be included.

Grid Format is also a great Moodle plugin that can view courses in both a modular and visual format. With this plugin, users can easily hide all the topics to instead develop a grid of icons for every single topic with a short description for each. Now, users become privy to the lightbox style display after clicking on course icons.

Now, you can reward your students for their success as Certificate plugin allows you to develop PDF certificates/diplomas for students taking courses in Moodle.  

These certificates are fully customizable as you are allowed to add borders, seals, and watermarks and even show grade information. For the exclusive generation of certificates based predefined conditions set by the teacher, this plugin is useful.

Undoubtedly, the Essential Moodle Theme plugin is well-known for giving the amount of downloads. When it comes to the new version of this plugin, it mainly aims for making your Moodle website look anything, but a Moodle course list and rather than it serves as a simple and cleans company homepage.

Moreover, this plugin is fully responsive, so users can access their website with optimcal readability from any of their devices.

So, these are the top 10 Moodle plugins of 2015 that Moodle users can’t afford to miss. However, if you are looking to get your own Moodle plugin development, you can hire a professional Moodle developer, who has special expertise in developing different Moodle plugins.
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