How to Contribute To Open Source Community without Writing Code? 6 Smart Tips

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Making contribution to open source community can be rewarding experience, however, most of us don’t know from where to start. Through this post, you will get an idea about how to make your first contribution, if you don’t have knowledge of writing codes. Continue reading post and checkout six smart tips.

Write Documentation

We all know that documentation is one of the important points to consider, however, most of developers are forget or not interested to write documentation. Writing documentation is a great way to help other people in their project.

Moreover, if you are finding hard into a project then it would be great to enhance the documentation so next person will find easier to do same project like yours.

Give Reports

You have to give reports of what you liked and what not. Your report should have bug reports along with simple communication with person. It would be great to hear from the uses regarding your project that helped them and also check out the details for setup.

Create Feature Requests

It is advisable to create feature requests that help you to explain your case. You also have to mention that why it is useful and how other people get benefit from it. We all know that it is quite harder to get the feature into the code without code contributions.

However, if you can explain why the feature is beneficial for you and how other people can get advantages from it, then you will search out that other people have same coding problem like you and thus, someone might execute that new feature.

Translate User Interface and Documentation

Almost all people understand English very well. But, it is true that most of people enjoy documentation, which is written in their native language. People love to read everything in their native language as they could concentrate more on the technical content without the interruption of reading in a foreign language.

Provide Hardware

It would be great to provide hardware when there is requirement of test servers or dedicated build. Moreover, you can also give access to hardware in a datacenter directly to the developers or can also be running continuous integration indirectly. You can also test yourself before providing result back to the project.

Check the Code

Testing the code is also best while it is being developed. We all have an idea that projects run on the combination of software, hardware and other environmental items that haven’t been tested by the project team. Capturing daily or weekly snapshot, installing it and giving feedback is helpful and welcomed.

Above given are some exceptional ways to help an open source project without contributing code. Additionally, if you are looking for experienced Open Source Developer for your project then hire Perception System for effective Open Source Customization service.

10 Fabulous Open Source Apps 2014 to Download

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Most of the IT professionals like to download open-source software. According to some survey, it is showed that 70% of IT pros value the business continuity and can also control afforded by open contact over the cost savings. Looking to the requirements of open sources applications/softwares, we have collection 10 most fabulous open source application of 2014.


An open-source Ghost can only simplify publishing words to the web in the form of a modern-looking blog. The best thing about this platform is you will see resulting page appears in a real-time preview on the right when you typed into the built-in syntax editor on one side of the screen.


If you need a small-footprint app then Microsoft's Notepad is a great option for creating or edit text files. But, it is lacking harshly in several key areas. Notepad2 can able to manage multiple open documents as it is based on the Scintilla code-editing tool. It also provides counts of characters, words and lines and can also do some tag highlighting.


An open source password manager and e-wallet, Encryptr helps users to store their sensitive data such as PINs, passwords, credit card data, access codes, etc. in the cloud. The best thing about Encryptr is it makes sure users to access or read the confidential information.


Pidgin is one of the best instant messaging service provides like Gmail. Once downloading, you can easily read all incoming messages irrespective from when it comes. Gado-Gadu, Google Talk, AIM, Bonjour, GroupWise, ICQ, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, IRC, MSN, MXit, SILC, Yahoo and Zephyr are supported by the clients for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


Handbrake is another fabulous open-source tool that offers the simplest means of transcoding content from a DVD to a hard drive in a format playable with any media player.


We all know that the Web browser has become a central pillar of software development along with website development as JavaScript and HTML5 are finding their way into everything. Chromium, the main focus of Google's Chrome, has become attend resource for open source developers, who need a Web engine as the underpinning for a project. Chromium is the best browser, basically without the Google branding. It has many features like chock-full of useful developer tools, fast on its feet, and so on.


One of the free and open source cross-platform multimedia players, VLC play almost every multimedia files along with Audio CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and various streaming protocols.

One of the best JavaScript development frameworks, executes Node.js and Grunt to shorten the creation of complex UIs. All thanks to the 3-D layout and physics animation engines, which are in-built and can provide to Canvas, DOM or WebGL.


One of the best open-source tools, KeePass helps to store all your passwords behind a single passcode or file, which is secured using AES and Twofish encryption. An extra caution is advised by the Test Center when trusting any tool that helps to store passwords.


An open-source middleware, OpenIoT is designed to read and regularize the data, which is coming from the billions of IoT sensors around the globe to enable OpenIoT to be given meaning through applications.

These are 10 remarkable open source applications that you must download in 2015. If you are looking for open source developer to adopt open source customization service then contact Perception System, a leading Open Source Integration Development Company.

Highly Advanced eCommerce Services That Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Check

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“With different eCommerce solution services, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to choose one, so here I have listed 3 best eCommerce platforms that every digital entrepreneur should check-out. Go through this blog and get huge information.”

Many of you all think that selling products and services online is quite stressful job, but not anymore as there are lots of eCommerce services that make it extremely easy for you to grow your business worldwide.

With lots of options, the most difficult part is selecting a right option to put your needs. Lots of people face problem while selecting a feature-rich and advanced solution that can help users in boosting sales and profit of your business.

To make your work of selecting a right eCommerce service easy, I listed best yet effective quality tools that can help you to increase sales of your business. All the services can be easily integrate with AWeber, so it becomes easy for you to connect them with your email campaigns. Let’s give an instant look on the 4 different eCommerce services that every digital entrepreneur should go check:

UltraCart –

RJ Sakson, a VP of Sales and Marketing at UltraCart. UltraCart is one of the best eCommerce shopping carts that best suited for online businesses, who wanted to have a robust cloud-based eCommerce platform.

This solution offers a powerful conversion and tracking area with special attention given to affiliate networks. The platform’s accounts comprise a free affiliate management system and provide a free phone support for the life of your account.

One of the best things about this platform is that it integrates with AWeber and various other platforms to ensure that one can get leverage the relationships that you are already using to keep current and new customers.

WooCommerce –

WooCommerce is highly advanced WordPress eCommerce plugin that is obtainable for free of cost. Someone, who is looking to sell online and wanted to start at affordably, WooCommerce is a right solution for them as it works excellently with WordPress platform. You can go with this plugin if you are using WordPress to manage your website and develop content.

Now, store owners can easily customize their website as per their requirements and extend capabilities of their website using WooCommerce extensions. While developing your eCommerce website from ground-up, WooThemes/WooCommerce customers can easily get developer-level support that is extremely important while developing eCommerce website.

Zaxaa –

Zaxaa is the most popular shopping cart platform, enabling users to quickly sell their products online, deliver them to the customers and more. Perfect for digital product sellers, Zaxaa is a great platform that set-up sales funnels and recruit affiliates to help sell their products.

As compare to other platforms, it is very easy to use platform that comes with a range of features. The best thing about this platform is sales and performance that considered as strong point of this platform. This platform automatically pays out instant commissions to your affiliates at the POS without waiting for the refund period.

So, these are the best eCommerce platform services that every digital entrepreneur should check-out as these platforms come with high-end list of features.

“With different eCommerce solution services, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to choose one, so here I have listed 3 best eCommerce platforms that every digital entrepreneur should check-out. Go through this blog and get huge information.”

5 Technical Things to Consider When Getting A CMS Site Ready

Content Management System

It is an existing time when your site gets developed. But, on other site, it can also be stressful as there are many things you have to consider. There are many common rules applied just like to purchase anything online. Moreover, some technical consideration are also that must take into consider to avoid some problems. What are those considerations? Read this post and know in details.

Describe what “Delivered” Means

‘Delivered’ can mean different to various parties. There are developers that define delivered to install and working on designated web servers while other means to consider delivery that offering access details of downloading a copy of new site. One can have to upload to a web server and configure it by your own from there. No one is correct as both have equal importance in accordance to your requirements.

Those people, who want to test their site in their own environment, can upload enough products or custom design and they don’t find any problem in uploading site then simply click on the downloading link. Moreover, if you are providing confirmation that your site is not working well on the web server then ensure to check pages and links along with contact form and. For eCommerce sites, you have to check order page and check out place as well.

Identify That Only the Latest CMS Version Is To Be Used

We have seen such type of issue many times that a site is delivered by using an out of date version of the CMS like Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. The content management system requires updating with the latest features along with the latest security updates. Additionally, you have to ensure to get your site developed with the latest versions of the CMS and updated plug-ins or extensions.

Know who Responsible is for Updates

We already has discuss that your CMS must be updated and you have to know who’s responsible for updating. There are some Open Source CMS Solution providers offering support for site regarding functionality or updating minor details like changing contact information. It is not reasonable to expect from your developer about managing site after launch until your post delivery support agreement like site updates.

It would be great to search out a hosting company for enjoying a managed service, where you can easily access your site’s update as the part for their package. It is an excellent option for that company, who want to host and manage in the same location.

Always Backup First

If you are not backing up your site before launch, you are running your business without insurance. When it comes to the website, you have to backup often an addendum. Sometime, a small event like system’s crash can destroy your site and your money is gone.

Backing up site is not easier as we are thinking. The major CMS has to use backup tool that can be configured and installed in the small period of time. It is advisable to talk to your developer about back up setting that they can do for a small fee or even for free of cost.

Get Hosting Service from Where you Want

Sometimes, content management developers have to change your site as the part of redevelopment and such site is hosted through which can have positives and negatives points. There are many criteria needs hosting on other side, developers are trying to best to help you out. Developers might needs to cut down hosting cost by offering foregoing elements of support as they don’t require help and want to pass on the savings.

Getting A Site Built Or Redeveloped Can Be A Big Undertaking

One of the simplest rules applied on the business is to get rid of site build. It would be great to do your own research and ensure to be clear of what is an important for you. It would be great to create a relationship of honest and clear communication so you and developers can work with a common shared goal.

These are five excellent technical things that you should consider while taking your CMS into your hands. If you have more questions about CMS site or its development, share with us through comment section.

Moodle 2.8.1 Available to Download – New Features to Check-out

Moodle Design Integration Services
Finally, Moodle 2.8 is obtainable for download that is the result of extremely hard work of the core team and community contributors. The all new version 2.8 brings lots of important revolutionary enhancements to the Gradebook tool, analytics, forums, usability and many other areas to empower teachers and enhancing other functionalities for everyone across all other devices.

As we all know that Moodle is a free e-learning software platform that gained huge popularity across the world due to its rich features, functionalities and incredible performance. Before launching this new version, a serious regression has been introduced because of the harshness of the issue, so the company release this new version with errors fixed and removed earlier versions from download channels.

However, if you have upgraded your website to Moodle 2.8.0, you make sure to upgrade your site again as soon as possible. Moodle 2.8.1 comes with lots of new features and updates that you should know, so go through this blog:

For all users –

Text Autosave: With Text Autosave, you can automatically save your text as you type, keeping your content fully secure before publish it.

New User Menu: Now, users can get a quick access to personal pages like My home and profile settings as new user menu makes it easy for you.

Email to private files: Now, you can easily send yourself an email with an attachment and it will be saved to your private files for later in different courses.

Grade Improvements –

Improved Grader report: Lots of enhancements have been made to the gradebook as the grader report now functional on different devices with smooth scrolling. Moreover, it becomes easy for you to quickly edit cells without any reloading.

New Single view: With a new single view, you can make quick edits to one item or one user.

Natural weighting: Natural weighting is a new and best aggregation method, which combines grades with a clear interface for using weights. Moreover, hidden grades, extra credit and excluded grades are supported with it.

New Grade History Report: Now, users can also track the grade history of particular users and markers in this report.

Forum Enhancements –

Subscribe to Individual Discussions: It becomes easy for you to subscribe to single forum discussions and get email copies of the replies that you are looking for.

Excellent Navigation Through Threads: Now links that taken to the earlier and next thread make it extremely easy to move between essential discussions.

Email replies to forum posts: You can easily reply to forum posts by email and include attachments as well for added convenience.

New Options For Quiz, Assignment & Choice

Enhanced Quiz Edit Screen 7 Completion settings: For enhanced accessibility, the edit quiz page has been rewritten as it make it easy to add and manage questions. Moreover, you are also able to set completion conditions that based on a passing grade or when all the obtainable attempts have been used-up.

More than one choice with Choice: While creating a choice, you can allow users to select more than one choice.

Some extra Files for Assignments: For students, teachers can easily attach files at the time of setting up assignments like submissions or answer templates.


Cohorts can be developed on upload: With the help of a csv file either from the Cohorts screen or when uploading users, admins and managers are able to develop cohorts. By default, teachers can enroll cohorts visible to them.

A new 'All Cohorts' screen for Admins: Now, administrators can get a clear overview of all the system and category cohorts from the new cohorts screen.

Analytics and Reporting

Stay in touch by subscribing to events: With event monitoring, teachers, admins and managers can easily develop and subscribe to events.

New events: Lots of detailed logging and events have been added specially in to grades.

So, these are some of the new updates and features of Moodle 2.8.1 that allow users to get lots of new facilities and functionalities. Moreover, if you are looking to get Moodle customization service, you should hire an expert Moodle developer from any professional Moodle development company.

WooThemes Soon to Launch WooCommerce 2.2 Update – Things To Know

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The most powerful plugin WooCommerce is getting a major update by WooThemes. The all new update will bring some of the wonderful and high-end features that all the WooCommerce users are looking for.

As per the Develop WooCommerce blog, the new update has got a code name “Prowling Pangolina”, so WooCommerce users get ready to enjoy a comprehensive range of features of this update. Without discussing more about WooCommerce 2.2, we can have a look on its features that are getting ready:

Store Transaction ID

When customers finish their purchasing from your store and transaction is taking place, WooCommerce 2.2 will enable you to save the transaction ID in a standardized format. Once you pass the transaction ID through $order->payment_complete( $transaction_id ); to the $order->payment_complete() method, this upcoming update will help you to save the transaction ID as post meta. Moreover, you are also able to turn the transaction ID into a link to the transaction page of your payment gateway like PayPal.

Order Status Using Post_Status –

As we all know that when any customer places an order on the website that make use of WooCommerce plugin, all those orders will have very least order statuses like pending, completed, processing, on-hold and more.

However, WooCommerce is saving all those order statuses with orders through a taxonomy known as shop_order_status. Now, developers are throwing away taxonomy and introducing a new way to save these statuses as post_status.

For all the regular posts to save status as published, pending and draft, WordPress is already making use of post_status. To store the status of the order, WooCommerce 2.2 will make use of the same post_status. In short, all the WooCommerce 2.1 users can update a new version when it released, but they need to change the code to fully support the new version.

Refund Support –

Refund support is not like a refund policy that when your customer of online store will not like the product that they purchase and want a refund for it. However, if you have developed your website with WooCommerce, there is one good news is that the upcoming version of WooCommerce will be able to programatically handle the refunds.

The upcoming update is also going to introduce with the features that support PUT/POST/DELETE for Coupons, Orders, Products and customers. To decrease the size of the files, plugins of WooCommerce are no longer comes with the language files. You are also to do download from the dashbosd whenever needs.

Test Drive Now –

Many of you all may have interest of taking a test drive of the upcoming WooCommerce plugin, so you can easily download WooCommerce 2.2 Beta 1 to experience it. If you have a production website, ensure that you don’t make use of it. This new version still is intended for testing only as you can see it in beta.

So, these are some of the features that you would find in WooCommerce 2.2 update and the update will soon to be launched on the web. If you are looking to get professional WooCommerce development service, you can opt for a professional WooCommerce developer for hire, who will deliver best quality WooCommerce service.

The Progression of Open Source Development In This Modern Age

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In this modern age, open source development provides value-driven software solutions for all the businesses and organizations worldwide irrespective of the type and size. It is one such methodology that can be executed in development of software products from the design, development to its distribution.

In the form of different frameworks, open source platform has offered a lot of options, including Joomla, Magento, DotNetNuke, Drupal, CakePHP and many more. Apart from all these frameworks, people can also find PHP, which is a server-side scripting language, allowing a grievance system of development with its prominent scripting design.

Now-a-days, developers frequently distribute such free software under the GPL as it offers a source code accessing to anyone and everyone hopeful to develop the software. One of the best things about the open source development, it is a structure that offers a complete right to users to customize the platform as per their requirements and perspective manner. Moreover, it also offers any kind of alteration and enhancements to the code as it is software that is quite flexible and easy to customize.

With increasing its progression, open source has shared huge portion in the web development because it is one such platform that helped thousands of manufacturers to get connected with their precious customers. Further, the application is free of cost, so users can improve the website easily.

If you have a website that is designed with open source application, it can be checked for faults and errors. A designer can easily keep an eye on the web page in order to check the errors. However, designer is able to check the protection level of any website that designed and developed with open source. It doesn’t matter what type and size of business you have, you can have a website that based on open source platform and acquire huge profit.

There are lots of companies that are looking to implement free software framework programming techniques in order to high-end web applications and websites. They need to make sure that they hire a professional opensource developer, who has years of experience in open source development.

5 Best Self-hosted E-Commerce Platforms of 2014

5 Ecommerce Platforms
Are you searching for eCommerce software to build online store? We are here to provide solution that helps to build a perfect online store for your eCommerce business. We all know that choosing best ecommerce software is a difficult task, especially when you are novice in this sector.

This article is helpful to you, if you are thinking to develop your own online store and looking for some fabulous ideas to use in eCommerce platform. This post will help to get review of Self-hosted eCommerce platforms with download link and demo. So, get ready to choose one of the best.


Available for free to download, WooCommerce is an open source plug-in that provides a well-rounded set of tools and features for developing an efficient eCommerce store. WooCommerce can be easily categorized, tagged, and given various attributes similar to WordPress post.

The best thing about WooCommerce is it provides a solid SEO with SEO-friendly links and built-in metatags. Standard cart components are also provided by WooCommerce such as Shipping, Coupons, Inventory, and Payment Integrations.

Online businesses can get enough to make their eCommerce store into fully functional store and can also decorate their store with one of five free skins or choose a WooTheme. Besides, many free and premium WooCommerce themes are available from independent developers that provide advantages when you adopt WooCommerce Development Services from reputed development company.

A few standard payment options such as Paypal, etc. is also supported by WooCommerce along with one of 100+ extensions for different payment processors can also be used.


Want to use OpenCart for your eCommerce business site? You must have to require basic knowledge of coding to use OpenCart to launch the store. The solution of OpenCart is free, but one can have to pay amount for extensions, themes, hosting, and a credit card processor. 

Online merchant can host OpenCart on any server they want to. Moreover, it is recommended to hire OpenCart developers to develop store unless you know how to code. This amazing platform delivers you all necessary tools and features. Some of its amazing features are unlimited categories and products; several shipping providers, guest checkout; and so on.

A multi-store support, discount coupons, a high quality internationalization, product ratings and reviews are also provided by OpenCart. OpenCart’s default frontend template is impressive; however, you can choose one of 2000+ options.

One can also have a wide variety of add-ons along with a default option of Twitter, Google Analytics, and Facebook integration. The integration with most major payment processors are also provided by OpenCart along with option of 700+ gateways via extensions.

OpenCart FrontEnd Demo:

OpenCart Backend Demo:


An easy to install eCommerce platform, osCommerce comes with approximate 7,000 free integrations and an active online forum. However, online merchants have to face security issues with osCommerce.

Online merchant doesn’t have to pay single dollars towards its download and thus, one can save money for building the extra line of defense to save from hackers. eCommerce site owners have to pay money for hiring Oscommerce Developer, hosting charges, add-ons to add and a merchant account.

Download osCommerce:

osCommerce Demo:

Spree Commerce

Hosting, security, templates, and support are provided by Spree Commerce. Being an exciting platform, Spree Commerce is designed to create highly usable e-commerce stores. Available for free, Spree requires hire Ruby on Rails developer for developing store. Along with, online merchants have to pay for a merchant account, security, and hosting.

A collection of templates is available for Spree; however, the default Spree Blue theme can be altered to fit your corporate style. Both paid as well as free third-party extensions are available. Merchants can get Phone and ticket support for free.

Download Spree Commerce:

Spree Commerce Demo:


CS-Cart comes with 3 different versions, i.e. Ultimate Free, Ultimate and Multi-Vendor. It charges an up-front fee to use the downloadable software. There are around 500+ features in CS-Cart apart from different add-ons. Online merchants can find one-page checkout and its solution also delivers gift certificates and a registry. However, social media tools and some important SEO features are lacked in CS-Cart.

Apart from basic store template, you can have third-party templates. It comes with 50+ payment solutions. Moreover, merchants can accept payment via phone, checks, and purchase orders.

CS-Cart FrontEnd Demo:

These are some excellent self-hosted eCommerce platforms of 2014 that you can use to develop eCommerce. If you want to hire developer, who can build fully-functional store for you, then contact Perception System.

More Information About Perception Portfolio Click here.

How Moodle LMS Connector is Best for Online Classes?

Moodle LMS Connector – Best Tool for Online Classes to Create Educational Courses

Moodle Design Integration
Moodle Learning Management Solution is one of the most popular and open source systems that used for creating online courses for educational institutes and several academic. This educational system helps to improve different classes and programs online. Different educational institutes are using Moodle LMS to streamline numerous software programs as it can be installed for free.

Developers are integrating Moodle LMS connector along with the class management solution as it allows online class organizers to deal with the payment management, registration process, and many other things excellently. Now, you must be thinking how Moodle LMS connector facilitates. Let me tell you it is a powerful tool that delivered by most of the class management solution providers that help to manage online classes and students in the professional manners.

With an integrated class management Moodle connector, one can deal with different activities in real-time. Using this tool, you can enjoy many advantages like:

Easy Registration for the Students:

With web-based solution, one can easily create customized sign-up forms for their students, allow students to be online, and from an array of templates that can be easily managed from different parts of the world. Hence, interested students can fill online form by sitting at home using internet connection. 

Moreover, one can also able to generate more attendees as the registration process gets simplified to your online classes or programs.

Built-in Bi-directional Flow Of Data

Generally, the Moodle LMS is installed for dealing with flawless two-way data inflow between the Moodle and the particular online class management platform. It allows you to avoid dealing with the manual re-entering process to create and retrieve the data in your managerial database.

Multiple payment gateways

Seamless online payment options are offered by the solution that allows users to control over the transaction process. In this system, payments can be accepted by using credit cards, PayPal and other gateways.

One can easily even track payment and installment status and collect the registration fee by using own merchant account. It helps to minimize the probability of manipulations and frauds and one can even easily track any misleading order and make the refunds in real time.

Minimize your workload:

The efforts and workload is reduced by the LMS connector as it allows dealing with online classes in the most effective manners. It doesn’t allow hire Moodle Developer for performing enrollment and payment collection procedure.

These are some advantages that one can find with Moodle LMS Connector. If you want to know more about such advantages then let us know through comment sections. For more information about Moodle Customization, contact Perception System now.

Woocommerce Vs osCommerce Vs Magento – A War Between Three Shopping Carts

Woocommerce v/s Magento v/s oscommerce

These days, open source shopping carts have gained huge popularity in the market due to its huge flexibility, features, rich performance and dynamic functionalities. Various open source shopping carts have grabbed the attention of web developers, who favor them over other ecommerce software.

These are such platforms that are highly affordable and important for all those companies that are conducting online business. So, it is essential to have a perfect shopping cart for your website as it makes a lot of difference as compare to most users thinks.

By choosing a right shopping cart platform, business owners can get a lot of help in their particular needs and has more adaptability to cope with transiting technical environment. The best thing about open source shopping carts is that it perceived $0 cost of investment. Moreover, these platforms provide access to cheap web developers and have exclusive features obtainable at very competitive rates.

Reasons to use Open Source Shopping Carts:

Feature Rich – The best thing about open source shopping carts is that they are equipped with lots of features as the source code is obtainable to web developers, who have probably designed a version of the shopping cart, which suffice your aims.

No Limits – However, the source code is extremely to customize in order to fit in your requirements.

Freedom – Users are allowed to access to the code that enables them to fix their issues by their own without relying on someone else.

Cost-effective – Users of open source shopping cart platforms do not have to pay monthly or any licensing fees, so they can save their lots of money.

Some Information About Three Platforms:

WooCommerce – WooCommerce is one of the best open source e-commerce plugins for WordPress that especially designed for all the small and medium-sized online merchants. There are various web-developers, who have moved to WooCommerce simply because of its flexibility and features. Being a very innovative platform, it is very new player in the market.

osCommerceosCommerce is the most popular open source shopping cart that launched in 2000. Well, the face about this platform is that it doesn’t offer a range of features as it has limited features to provide its users. Moreover, this platform has not been updated to keep up with the times.

Magento – Across the web, Magento is the most powerful and best open source shopping cart solution that adopted by lots of online retailers, who wanted to run their online store smoothly. Being a good alternative to other high-end platforms, Magento stuffed with some exclusive features to give you a pleasant experience.

So, these are three most popular open source shopping carts, so you can decide that which platform is the best for your store and gives you enormous benefits. However, if you are looking to get help from any professional, you can contact us as we deliver best open source shopping cart solutions.

Moodle LMS – 8 Awesome Features That Wow You

Moodle Development
Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which is open source software elearning platform. Developed by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle helps online learners to develop online courses that focus on collaborative and interaction of content. Before going to adopt Moodle in your development process, check out this post to know some fabulous features that available with Moodle.

Facilitating high quality collaborative learning

There are learners using different types of collaborative learning tools like Social Media, Offline Messaging, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Podcast, Email Communications, and so on. One can easily render such supporting instruments of social learning through Moodle. Moreover, it also allows to learning through Live Web Conferencing and Chat as well.

Excellent for provide training to global workforce

Many organizations are conducting operations in different countries and they need to impart training in their native languages. Moodle helps to manage multi-lingual training with ease and effectiveness as it can easily speak more than 100 languages.

Delivers unparalleled support to mobile learning

One of the best things about Moodle is it supports mobile learning (mLearning) that helps to manage learning on mobile devices.

Tracking training programs effectively

All thanks to Moodle wonderful capabilities that allows tracking progress of learners. Moodle comes with incredible grading capabilities that enable to set conditions in different activities.

Enabling to generate the reports

Moodle LMS helps to generate report that makes easy while presentation and other related task.

Giving support through community

Through online community, Moodle allows users to stay relevant with updates and ever-evolving learning needs. Community members provide huge support whenever it needed.

Allow assessing learners the way they want

We know learning without assessments is not complete and thus, Moodle delivers a wide variety of question types that facilitate comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge and skills of learners. It also provides randomization of quiz questions that go the long ways marvelously.

These are some excellent features available in Moodle eLearning software. So, if you are thinking to add such features in your Moodle Development by hiring our experienced developers then contact Perception System now.

World’s Popular eCommerce Platform ‘WooCommerce’ Declares its Partnership With Social Rebate

Woocommerce Development Services
WooCommerce is the most popular and widely used eCommerce platform that announced its partnership with social commerce platform Social Rebate. All the WooCommerce users can have access to Social Rebate’s unique social commerce pugin that enables all the users to reward their customers with instant cash rebates. By rewarding their customers with instant cash rebates, one can promote them on social networks.

According to the WooCommerce Business Development Manager Joel Bronkowski, “WooCommerce is always on the lookout for the best ways to boost sales for our users. He also added, "Social Rebate won us over with their unique ability to drive new customers to businesses through social commerce, we're happy to offer this revolutionary tool to everyone using WooCommerce."

In this emerging world of social commerce, social rebate has increase to fame as it integrates the world of e-commerce with consumer’s social networks. Today, more than 92% of consumers believe in earned media like word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family.

When compared to other marketing and advertising like banner ads or Facebook ads, recommendations from close ones like friends affect more as they are largely seen more relevant and personal. So, Social Rebate has been able to track 30% conversion rate for the businesses that use the service.

Social Rebate’s CEO Tom Larkin said, “"We have been able to help many small and medium-sized businesses profitably grow through our platform, and now the vast number of businesses using WooCommerce will be able to do the same. At Social Rebate, we believe word-of-mouth represents the strongest form of marketing and we developed our tools to reward customers for recommending the brands that they love to their social networks."

About WooCommerce

When it comes to WooCommerce, it is an open source e-Commerce plugin for WordPress that has been launched on September 27, 2011. It is one such platform that especially designed for the small as well as med-sized online merchant using WordPress. To power the online shops, it is a perfect plugin that equipped with some unique features that perfectly integrated into your self-hosted WordPress website.

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