How to Contribute To Open Source Community without Writing Code? 6 Smart Tips

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Making contribution to open source community can be rewarding experience, however, most of us don’t know from where to start. Through this post, you will get an idea about how to make your first contribution, if you don’t have knowledge of writing codes. Continue reading post and checkout six smart tips.

Write Documentation

We all know that documentation is one of the important points to consider, however, most of developers are forget or not interested to write documentation. Writing documentation is a great way to help other people in their project.

Moreover, if you are finding hard into a project then it would be great to enhance the documentation so next person will find easier to do same project like yours.

Give Reports

You have to give reports of what you liked and what not. Your report should have bug reports along with simple communication with person. It would be great to hear from the uses regarding your project that helped them and also check out the details for setup.

Create Feature Requests

It is advisable to create feature requests that help you to explain your case. You also have to mention that why it is useful and how other people get benefit from it. We all know that it is quite harder to get the feature into the code without code contributions.

However, if you can explain why the feature is beneficial for you and how other people can get advantages from it, then you will search out that other people have same coding problem like you and thus, someone might execute that new feature.

Translate User Interface and Documentation

Almost all people understand English very well. But, it is true that most of people enjoy documentation, which is written in their native language. People love to read everything in their native language as they could concentrate more on the technical content without the interruption of reading in a foreign language.

Provide Hardware

It would be great to provide hardware when there is requirement of test servers or dedicated build. Moreover, you can also give access to hardware in a datacenter directly to the developers or can also be running continuous integration indirectly. You can also test yourself before providing result back to the project.

Check the Code

Testing the code is also best while it is being developed. We all have an idea that projects run on the combination of software, hardware and other environmental items that haven’t been tested by the project team. Capturing daily or weekly snapshot, installing it and giving feedback is helpful and welcomed.

Above given are some exceptional ways to help an open source project without contributing code. Additionally, if you are looking for experienced Open Source Developer for your project then hire Perception System for effective Open Source Customization service.
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