10 Fabulous Open Source Apps 2014 to Download

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Most of the IT professionals like to download open-source software. According to some survey, it is showed that 70% of IT pros value the business continuity and can also control afforded by open contact over the cost savings. Looking to the requirements of open sources applications/softwares, we have collection 10 most fabulous open source application of 2014.


An open-source Ghost can only simplify publishing words to the web in the form of a modern-looking blog. The best thing about this platform is you will see resulting page appears in a real-time preview on the right when you typed into the built-in syntax editor on one side of the screen.


If you need a small-footprint app then Microsoft's Notepad is a great option for creating or edit text files. But, it is lacking harshly in several key areas. Notepad2 can able to manage multiple open documents as it is based on the Scintilla code-editing tool. It also provides counts of characters, words and lines and can also do some tag highlighting.


An open source password manager and e-wallet, Encryptr helps users to store their sensitive data such as PINs, passwords, credit card data, access codes, etc. in the cloud. The best thing about Encryptr is it makes sure users to access or read the confidential information.


Pidgin is one of the best instant messaging service provides like Gmail. Once downloading, you can easily read all incoming messages irrespective from when it comes. Gado-Gadu, Google Talk, AIM, Bonjour, GroupWise, ICQ, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, IRC, MSN, MXit, SILC, Yahoo and Zephyr are supported by the clients for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


Handbrake is another fabulous open-source tool that offers the simplest means of transcoding content from a DVD to a hard drive in a format playable with any media player.


We all know that the Web browser has become a central pillar of software development along with website development as JavaScript and HTML5 are finding their way into everything. Chromium, the main focus of Google's Chrome, has become attend resource for open source developers, who need a Web engine as the underpinning for a project. Chromium is the best browser, basically without the Google branding. It has many features like chock-full of useful developer tools, fast on its feet, and so on.


One of the free and open source cross-platform multimedia players, VLC play almost every multimedia files along with Audio CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and various streaming protocols.


One of the best JavaScript development frameworks, Famo.us executes Node.js and Grunt to shorten the creation of complex UIs. All thanks to the 3-D layout and physics animation engines, which are in-built and can provide to Canvas, DOM or WebGL.


One of the best open-source tools, KeePass helps to store all your passwords behind a single passcode or file, which is secured using AES and Twofish encryption. An extra caution is advised by the Test Center when trusting any tool that helps to store passwords.


An open-source middleware, OpenIoT is designed to read and regularize the data, which is coming from the billions of IoT sensors around the globe to enable OpenIoT to be given meaning through applications.

These are 10 remarkable open source applications that you must download in 2015. If you are looking for open source developer to adopt open source customization service then contact Perception System, a leading Open Source Integration Development Company.
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