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Jeff Walpole, a CEO of Phase 2, helps businesses to consider open source as a feasible solution especially Drupal platform. According to Jeff,Phase2 invests an estimated $500,000 every year in time, code, and sponsorship to grow this remarkable open source project."

Jeff along with his team shows others how to make use of Drupal platform and what’s easiest point in this trade-off. There are lots of people, who do not comprehend open source and its solutions. They don’t have any trust on this platform. Therefore, Phase2 makes a business out of being their guide through dark water of misperception and into the land of lots of open source.

The Phase2 team has taken on education as well as training, speaking gigs and blog posts. The landscape is such that open source guides are much fewer than those looking for guidance. Last year, the company has augmented its staff by 50% and opened two more offices.

Moreover, the best and important guide can do a lot more than repeat facts and figures. One of the best guides comprehend that success no matter whether using an open source app or climbing Macchu Picchu, is about experience and collaboration.

About Open Source & its Benefits –

In this cutthroat market, it is not easily possible for all the businesses to get online promotions for recognizing their products and services worldwide. It is favorably important for websites to be both user and search engine friendly so that it will be appealing and successful for promotion.

Today, open source web development provides simple yet effective way to develop appealing sites without spending any time. Currently, open source is the best platform that allows developers to update and modify any website without paying any kind of licensing fees.

If you have decided to get one website to promote your products, services or business, you can opt for open source platforms, including Magento, Drupal, WordPress, OsCommerce, ZenCart and many more. Because of its security, quality, abundance features, incredible functionalities and performance these platforms have gained huge popularity.

However, open source platform is extremely better at sticking to open standards than proprietary software. If you value interoperability with other businesses, users and computers and you do not want to be limited by proprietary data formats, open source solution is completely best option to opt. 

To get professional open source web development service, you can hire an experienced open source developer, who can handle your open source project.

Visit this open source portfolio click here.

How Moodle 2.X differ from 1.x?

Moodle Development services
There are many noticeable differences, we have seen in 2.x moodle. Firstly, both are and user-level, lies in the way to manage files that based on a different philosophy. Moodle 1.x files were associated with a particular course while moodle 2.x are associated with the resource that has been included. In version 1.x moodle, the usual method of managing a file is to access the "folder files ", located on the block" Administration "course. 

The files are stored in the "Folder Files "although used to create an action or specific activities, will partner the course itself and also not be accessible to other courses.

But, if we are managing the latest version of Moodle 2.x, we can find Administration box, where files of moodle 2.x are managed. Users can find a key to understand how file management concept appears repositories in this moodle 2.x. A repository is a place from which you can simply import files to Moodle site. Moreover, you can easily upload files from your computer, link previously uploaded files and easily bring content to moodle from external repositories such as Flickr or Google Drive with Repositories in Moodle 2.x. In the latest version of 2.6, one can find repositories by default like:

  • Recent Files: This repository allows users to quickly locate files that previously went by default the last 50 files that you have uploaded. Files showing depend on the context in which user accesses the file selector.

  • Local Files: This repository allows teachers access used in the current course and any other course or part of the virtual classroom to which they have permission to access files. When a file local file repository is reused elsewhere in the virtual classroom, the teacher has an option of making a copy of the file or creates a shortcut or alias thereof.

  • Upload a file: This repository allows you to find and upload a file from your computer or from a USB to upload the virtual classroom.

  • Downloader URL: This repository lets you download files and images from a particular URL. The repository url downloader allows users to type the url of an image (type .png or.jpg) to copy the virtual classroom. It can also be used to obtain all images from a web page by typing the address of the web page.

  • YouTube Videos: This repository allows embedding YouTube videos without embedding code.

  • Embedded File: This repository enables reuse embedded in the current text area files.

  • Wikimedia: This repository enables search and display media from Wikimedia. The Wikimedia repository allows the user to search Wikimedia and copy a selected file to the virtual classroom. When a file is selected, moodle shows the dimensions of the image, license, author, last modification date (and file size if less than the maximum specified dimension).

Moreover, some other repositories such as Google Docs, Flickr groups, Alfresco, Amazon S3,, Dropbox, file_system (accessed uploaded to a folder on your server files eg by FTP), legacy course files (using the old 1.9 system for "course files"), Flickr, Picasa Web Album,, WebDAV, and EQUELLA Microsoft Skydrive can be enabled by the site administrator. The new file management can be confusing at first, but it is also true that this change brings new improvements, some of them, but transparent for teachers are important to performance level.

In moodle 1.x, we could add only materials that were in the file directory of the course, but with the new system, we can reuse materials from other courses that we are teaching. Furthermore, if you were moving a file or folder we changed the name; the result was to get broken links at any point where you pointed to that file. However, with the new system, you will not have this problem. The backup moodle 1.x, all existing materials in the course files area, regardless of whether they actually used in an appeal or not, with the resulting increase in size of the copy is included. With the new system, backup only the files used are included.

From moodle 2.x, the names of the files may use non-Latin characters. The new system of file management leads to improvements in security. For example, if you attach a file to a forum, it is stored along with the written text and is subject to the same restrictions on access: only have accesses to the material, people who have access to the forum. The files support metadata such as author, date or license.

If you want to shift from Moodle 1.x to 2.x then hire moodle developer from Perception System, one of the leading moodle development service providers. For more information, visit our official site.

WooCommerce Development- Meaning, Features and Advantages

Woocommerce Development Services
Presently, we have seen some changes in business trends with the arrival of internet and eCommerce. Those businesses, who want to promote or market their products, are taking help of internet as it is one of the hottest platforms. eCommerce is also one of the excellent choices for businesses to grab attention of new customer across the globe. However, woocommerce development is considered as one of the best ways to enhance web presence and boost your business.

Talking about wooCommerce, it is one of the open-source eCommerce plug-in that helps to bring more customers on WP site and boost sales as well. It is flexible, extensible and easy to access plug-in, allowing users to access their eCommerce website with an ease. There are many leading Woocommerce Development Service providers, delivering customized and affordable wooCommerce development services that improve an eCommerce store with personalized theme designs.

  • wooCommerce allows cross-selling as well as up-selling

  • This plug-in delivers access to various payment gateways and cheque payment options with BACS and cash on delivery.

  • Shipping at a number of locations, international and regional are provided through Multi-locations shipping facility

  • Tools for data analysis are also provided by wooCommerce that allows you to keep a track of the eCommerce store.

  • The best things about wooCommerce development is offers some of the best factors like Share Daddy, Share This, and Share Your Cart that allows customers to share purchases with acquaintances and avail coupons.

Reason to Outsource wooCommerce Development Services
  • Deliver well-developed wooCommerce store: Experts from woocommerce Development Company provides an innovative store and can customize according to your business requirements.

  • Saves time and cost: It helps online store owners in saving company’s expense that needed to train employees and continue state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Support and Service: Providing round-the-clock assistance through various means and deliver completed project within committed time-frame.

  • Expertise: Choose an experienced development company that has skilled developers, who have huge knowledge of developing eStore. If you are going to hire professional developers from experienced company, it will enhance your store web presence with wooCommerce.

These are some positive points of Woocommerce Development Services. If you want to convert your store in to woocommerce store, then hire woocommerce developer from reputed development company.

Selecting A Best Website Template to Expand Your Business

Website Template Development
If you are running an online business from very long time and do not get expected results, it is best idea to opt for a website template as it is fast, easier and offers what you are looking for.

By selecting a right website template, you will get what you need to be set-up your business online irrespective of type and size. There are lots of website templates that are well-known for their rich features, excellent performance and incredible functionalities. However, it is essential for business owners to choose the best template that works exceptionally.

We all know that selecting one of the best website templates is not as easy as it sounds; therefore, before you end-up selecting an ordinary template for your business, you need to ask some important questions to yourself so that you can choose a perfect template for your site.

Below, you can find some questions that you need to ask yourself in order to select a right template for your needs:

What my business is all about and what type of pages do I need for my business?

Today, you would find lots of templates that are trying to offer everything that meets your business requirements. However, selecting a simpler one among all the templates won’t saves your money, but allows you to save your lots of time. 

If your business clearly defined and all the pages are created with a purpose, you can save your huge amount of money. For instance, if you are running a marketing agency, your website doesn't require a shopping cart or a gallery, but it is important that it has our prices page. 

However, if you are running a website that is promoting mobile applications, ensure that you have buttons on the homepage for downloading it.

Which CMS do I need to Use?

As we all know that CMS stands for Content Management System and it mainly describes a complete way to place content on your website and manage it without any hassle. Content means text, links, images and more.

Currently, there are three most popular CMS in the market that widely used by people to make their business website exceptional. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are three CMS, so let’s consider their differences:

WordPress –

WordPress is the most widespread CMS compare to other CMS. Business2Community is also using WordPress platform as it has more than 15000 plugins and the number is constantly increasing. The best thing about this CMS is that it is very easy to install and affordable to maintain. The platform has more than 5000 different themes, so users can give their desired look to their website.

Joomla –

Joomla is another best CMS that is between WordPress and Drupal when it comes to use, install and maintain. It is one such CMS that is being used for Porsche’s site. This CMS also have number of templates that can be used to make your site attractive.

Moreover, it is also Adobe’s site catalyst and Microsoft’s CMS. Users can use a single page template if they do not have lots of content to manage. For applications, conferences, they are great.

Drupal –

Drupal is one such CMS that used by MTV and The Onion, so we can imagine the greatness of this CMS. It is more advanced compare to WordPress and Joomla, so businesses need to use this CMS as it also offers a range of templates for its customers.

How much money I have to pay for it?

When it comes to website template, users do not have to pay for it, if possible. As there are numerous templates that can be found for free of cost and use those templates as per the website’s requirement.

However, it is also true that most of the programmers and designers are making free templates so that they can promote themselves, but such templates are easy-to-use and offering no support.

So, it is best hire someone, who supports you to install that template for you. You can also buy a template that meets your requirements.

So, this way you can choose a perfect template for your website no matter whether you have a WordPress or Drupal website. But it is also true that Drupal is more advanced platform, so selecting this CMS is a great idea as you just need to hire Drupal developer, who comprehends your needs.

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