Moodle LMS – 8 Awesome Features That Wow You

Moodle Development
Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which is open source software elearning platform. Developed by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle helps online learners to develop online courses that focus on collaborative and interaction of content. Before going to adopt Moodle in your development process, check out this post to know some fabulous features that available with Moodle.

Facilitating high quality collaborative learning

There are learners using different types of collaborative learning tools like Social Media, Offline Messaging, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Podcast, Email Communications, and so on. One can easily render such supporting instruments of social learning through Moodle. Moreover, it also allows to learning through Live Web Conferencing and Chat as well.

Excellent for provide training to global workforce

Many organizations are conducting operations in different countries and they need to impart training in their native languages. Moodle helps to manage multi-lingual training with ease and effectiveness as it can easily speak more than 100 languages.

Delivers unparalleled support to mobile learning

One of the best things about Moodle is it supports mobile learning (mLearning) that helps to manage learning on mobile devices.

Tracking training programs effectively

All thanks to Moodle wonderful capabilities that allows tracking progress of learners. Moodle comes with incredible grading capabilities that enable to set conditions in different activities.

Enabling to generate the reports

Moodle LMS helps to generate report that makes easy while presentation and other related task.

Giving support through community

Through online community, Moodle allows users to stay relevant with updates and ever-evolving learning needs. Community members provide huge support whenever it needed.

Allow assessing learners the way they want

We know learning without assessments is not complete and thus, Moodle delivers a wide variety of question types that facilitate comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge and skills of learners. It also provides randomization of quiz questions that go the long ways marvelously.

These are some excellent features available in Moodle eLearning software. So, if you are thinking to add such features in your Moodle Development by hiring our experienced developers then contact Perception System now.
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