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Zen Cart is a free and open source shopping cart software. As with all open source software it's source code is allowed to be freely modified and even redistributed by users. The code for Zen Cart is a fork of another shopping cart plug-in called osCommerce, and is meant to be easier to use and configure by those not so technically inclined. Zen Cart is maintained by a small, but dedicated community who are making steady improvements to the software.

Installation is fairly straight forward and painless, if you have ever installed WordPress successfully this should be a cake walk.
Zen Cart development is designed to make it easy to set up product listings, pricing and payment options as well as act as a content management system (CMS) for all other aspects of your e-commerce site. This makes the usual tasks of maintaining a site more intuitive and easier to understand for those who are not necessarily web designers or programmers. If you run in to troubles or need a quick answer to a problem, there is a very active help forum to get you sorted.

Most users will certainly want to customize their site by using one of the many quality Zen Cart templates available from various sites on the web. Use of Zen Cart templates will let the site owner quickly change the layout of their site to better suit their individual needs. A Zen Cart template is easy to install and eliminates the need to hire a web designer to tweak the basic layout to suit the particular type of product presentation you prefer.

Another aspect of any e-commerce site is, of course, colors and branding. And again there are several places on the web where a site owner can get Zen Cart themes development that use their specific company color scheme and branding. By using Zen Cart themes it allows the site to use the colors and branding associated with a certain brand or perhaps an established brick and mortar retailer. It is important to have a standard branding and color scheme shared by all facets of a business enterprise to insure consumer recognition.

A site owner may opt to go hire a web designer to give his store a highly customized look, this has some drawbacks however. First is the time needed to find the right designer with the needed skill set, designing for this shopping cart software is quite different from designing sites using the more widespread HTML and CSS languages. So you need to find a designer who knows how to design specifically on the WordPress platform.

Another aspect to consider is the time it takes to meet with the designer, have them produce a design mock up or two, and then make revisions before final design approval. If time is of the essence then using a pre-configured template and theme is definitely the route to take.

The upside to hiring a designer to give your site a custom look is that you will have a unique design that helps your site and business stand out among the hundreds of cookie cutter sites in your market niche. Your web site is often the first impression a customer has of your business, and there is no second chance to make a first impression.

A professionally designed web site that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate instills confidence in your products and helps keep customers on your site, increasing the odds of them making a purchase.

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