How to Increase Free Press Coverage For Your Online Store?

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You know that a small amount of press coverage can also increase the sales of your store within just few hours, but you have to remember in mind that you cannot build a profess coverage alone. Sometimes, you will see how Mark Cuban tears apart entrepreneurs, who are spending dollars on publicity and press coverage if you ever watch Shark Tank.

If you are thinking that why is this the case, due to a business, which plans on striking it rich with press coverage is one that doesn't have a clear plan on how to gain customers. Otherwise, the product will not be that scalable. However, the list of potential problems continues.  

For businesses, press coverage is still one of the best things, but remember that you cannot focus on your marketing strategy across it. Therefore, it is good idea to find free and low-priced press coverage.  

With it, we can have a look on how to increase the free press coverage for your online store: 

Look at Your Competitors What They are Doing

Looking at your competitors what they are doing is one of the best ways to find free press coverage for your eCommerce website. For an example – if you are running an online store that sells clothing, and there are lots of other companies as well that offer clothing online, so unquestionably, you have got some competition.  

So, you can spy on them and look what they are doing in order to get the word out about their own products. One of the best ways through which you can do that is by monitoring the websites, which are linking to them. Businesses can make use of the free tool like Moz Open Site Explorer in order to biff in their website URL and search for where their links are coming from.  

However, not all the given links are going to help you, but you are compound to stumble upon on some of the top profile bloggers or magazines that wrote about their competitors. In any case, if they have written anything about your competitors, you know that at least they have an interest in your industry.  

In order to see that if they are able to put together a story on your company, the products that you are selling or something that sets you apart, you can easily reach out to these publications.  

Interact With Journalists to Look For a Story 

You know that how do journalists are finding their content that they put in their articles? There are lots of them, who have contacts that help them in searching quality quotes and leads for their stories. However, the Internet is offering them fascinating opportunities so that they can reach out to more important content.  

It is considered as a much better option than paying a PR firm to search for a reporter. You can help the journalist by spicing up their article. We all know that reporters are writing a lot of articles, but these become specials when they can grab a direct quote in the industry.  

Look For Blogs that Cover Consumer Products  

The traditional ways of searching free press are highly affordable since you have to submit your information to big websites and expect that your submission hauls the attention of a writer. 

However, if you are not that much of experienced at writing pitched to writers, maybe you don't have much luck going on that route. A simple way to search blogs that only write about consumer products such as Uncrate. You are also capable of performing an instant Google search to locate other consumer product blogs as there are lots of them. 

Once, if you found one such blog that covers a lot of products, you can simply just shoot them an instant email and ask whether they are interested in working with you or not. Maybe you wanted to let them know how to approach the coverage instead of making your own suggestions.  

Go With a Traditional Way  

When it comes to talking about the old way of searching press coverage, it is quite difficult as we discussed early. You remember that you have to trounce a lot of other submissions, which are coming in, but it is worth an effort if you have an extremely exceptional product.  

Somehow if you can manage to track down the direct email address of an editor, you may have a great chance of successfully pitching your product for coverage. This route is not always working, but still it is free. If you are managing like this to get coverage, the main exposure can lead you to a rapid increase in sales.  

Search For Reputable Bloggers in Your Industry 

For searching free press, it is the best method as it is a great form of targeted marketing. Today, the Internet is filled with niche bloggers, who are talking about particular products, industries and suggesting items to the readers.  

These bloggers are not only easy to contact than big publications, but there are some more bloggers, who are to be found with their own dedicated readerships. You can also bet that the blogger will surely wanted to write a review on it if you are offering an interesting product.  

However, you have to keep it in mind that you do not send a lot of emails to everyone, who is covering your industry. If you want to locate the ones that are laudable, you should search Google with different phrases like the best blogger. Initially, you should read some of their blogs and check their some medial accounts and remember to exchange emails with them before you commit to working with them.  

Stay connected with us to get more information on free press coverage for your online store. Moreover, you can also get in touch with professional WooCommerce developer and get a solution for your query.

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