Open Source – A Right Choice For CMS Development

Open Source
In the year 1996, there were no proprietary content management systems, and Microsoft was still releasing the notion of the web as a possible platform for business or eCommerce activity.

In any case, if a website required any kind of functionality, unless one could find anything at Matt’s Script Archive to achieve the task. Slowly, the time passed and most of the people continued to make use of the open source solution.

Opt-in emails list managers, slide shows, employment opportunity listings, shopping carts, content editors, contact forms and many more all are built as open source using PHP. After some time, the content management systems emerged in the market, containing a package – there are lots of functional elements that relied upon our own resources to develop.

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are coming out as the default new development platforms for various digital agencies, which had followed the same path. Then, some platforms came such as Magento and Concrete5 that began with a view to finally change into enterprise solutions with a price tag designed to get profit motives.

However, the earlier efforts of their foundational community editions were fueled by the passion of development communities, who helped in generating the main functionality. Along with these, a lot of $5, $50 and $100 plugins and extensions came-up to add custom functionality to meet client’s requirements.

Individual developers can make changes to meet more demanding client requirements because the open source model extended to plugins and extensions.

And all of this was designed to run on license-fee-free Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP operating systems running on low-overhead hardware. The main thread was that all of these were - still are – tools that are generated by people with a common purpose.

That major reason was the idea to help out the Internet achieve its importance by offering businesses, organizations and individuals with incredibly robust, but affordable web presence.

During this time period, a lot of software companies made use of investment money to develop expensive proprietary content management and eCommerce systems that designed to run on operating systems and databases with huge licensing fees.

It gives the opportunity for huge amount of money to change hands for the mega-corporations with wide budget, which used to spend thousands of dollars on everything they do. It is all right because it is your business model.

For smaller digital agencies, it is mush difficult to begin with web development project looking a lot of dollars pass through from the client to the software companies to develop the development platform.

It takes huge amount of money, which could have been used to develop more functionality for inbound marketing and other improvements. Furthermore, the solution has also delivered huge flexibility and customization possibilities to deliver the client with user experience and back end functionality to the particular requirements and business model.

There are lots of closed source proprietary systems that are doing only opposite, pressurizing the business to accept the rules and functionality. The open source model is the right choice for businesses as smart digital agencies are aware that if delivering value, total customization and return on investment are important components to their brand and value proposition.

Stay connected with us to get more information on open source and its solutions as here we keep updating important information that you must know. In any case, if you are facing in problem while executing open source solution, you can hire our expert open source developer, who has hands-on experience.
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