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Open Source permits the users to study, change, and modify the software. Open Source Software is easily available free of cost available it grants the freedom to read, customize and redistribute to the other people. Open source solutions through the medium of offshore outsourcing companies have become more popular all over the world. These days even the big websites such as Yahoo, Google and several others are using open source software as it enhances the quality and gives more reliability and flexibility at very economical cost.

Open source offshore software developers such as PHP web development India are collaborative public endeavor which possesses the content generated by user either technically or the content movements are open legally. Open source gives you the freedom to use the functions of program for any reason and reallocate its copies to other users. It also helps you to understand how the program runs and help you to make necessary modifications to become adaptable for your needs. The distribution terms of open-source developers or offshore software developers usually comply with the following criteria:
  1. Easy license for every user of the program without taking into consideration the specific software distribution. 
  2. The other software of that product is not restricted. 
  3. Distribution of both the source code and compiled form. 
  4. Permitting the use to make modification to be dispersed under the same terms of the license as is laid down in the original software. 
  5. The integrity of Author's Source Code must be upheld. 
  6. Allows free access to all the fields of the enterprise. 
  7. License redistribution is allowed without any extra charges. 
  8. Gives direct access to the users without executing other license. 
  9. The license should be technically neutral. 
  10. Unobstructed access to users of all groups.

Website developers in India source developers that may be offshore software developers are proficient in all kinds of open source and Drupal CMS such as Joomla Customization, Cs-cat, Zen-cart development, X-cart development, PHPBB, Mambo customization, Magento development, osCommerce development and WordPress development. You can hire website designer who are skilled in using the scripting and programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Java and Python.
Offshore outsourcing companies along with the offshore software developers can prove to be very beneficial for small and medium-scale companies as they reduce the cost and gives far better returns on the investments. Some website developers in India widely use Linux, Apache, MySQL database and PHP (LAMP) solutions. Open source technologies give a stable, alterable and cost-effective solution at a quick rate of development.

Real Benefits of E-Commerce Software

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17 August 2011 at 05:27

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24 September 2011 at 05:32

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