Moodle – Ideal LMS to Manage Multilingual Training Programs

Moodle Design Integration
Nowadays, it becomes essential to provide effective training to the people with different native languages as many companies are acquiring multinational character. But the problem is how one can develop successful multilingual training programs. One of the most important factors that make training programs better is their effective management. Companies can easily manage these programs in multiple languages at affordable price with a Learning Management System (LMS) that simple called Moodle.

There are many advantages of using Moodle, one of them is it is an open LMS that delivers training management requirements in the most efficient ways. This learning management system comes with numerous features like:

Supports 200+ languages:

It is one of the most important reasons to adopt Moodle as it perfectly manages multilingual training programs. With the help of this LMS, one can easily overcome from major problems, including the interface, which is not translated into languages that are not much spoken because of commercial considerations. Thus, with Moodle, one can simply conduct training in all major languages spoken around the globe.

Unleashes the power of “AMOS”:

Moodle terminology is translated into many languages through tool like AMOS. AMOS abbreviated for Automated Manipulation of Strings that helps to tracks the addition of English strings into Moodle code, collects translations, manage common translation tasks and creates language packages that should be installed on Moodle servers. Many translators can work mutually and can submit their work with the help of this tool.

Simpler Password Recovery:

With this LMS, you can easily recover your password with just few numbers of clicks. Users have to pair the number of clicks to get their own password on a Moodle site.

Better looking editing icons, TinyMCE editor and more

One can easily get a bit of enhancement with new icons and collapsed menus by adding, editing and using resources and activities in Moodle. Users can also simplify the view of the text editor un-clutter the page and connected through number of tools.

Makes GUI available in your language:

GUI plays an essential role in successful use of Learning Management System. Users can simple choose the language of their choice with Moodle for its GUI. This makes this LMS very friendly.

These are some remarkable Moodle features that surely manage Multilingual Training Programs. If you are thinking to create any program for training, you can have Moodle Development an ideal option for developing eLearning application. For more information about eLearning application development, click here.
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