Pre-Built Vs. Hand-written Code: Which is Best for CMS?

Content Management System
Are you going to choose content management system? Wait. In this post, we are going to discuss some important things related to CMS that you should consider before choosing. Before moving forward, the first question you should ask yourself is what CMS you prefer the most, whether it is pre-built Drupal, WordPress, etc. or choosing custom solution.

No doubt both options have numerous advantages, however, it is advisable to know your requirements before selecting the best one. Here, we are exploring three different considerations and know how they affects in taking CMS decision. Whether you are choosing hand-written coding or pre-built, you will get same advantages without any limitations.

But, the main problem of most of the businesses is their budget. We are going to establish two different approaches and come to know what serves best within small budget according to the requirements. There are some businesses doesn’t understand that a CMS needs more control over administering of the site, once it developed and running.

Before moving further, we are going to discuss some advantages of CMS and come to know why it is excellent option for developing website. One can easily manage your website anywhere with any additional software once your website is developed. It seems to be simple like editing a document.

Interestingly, one should have to start from the beginning of the development, but get best looking website exactly you are looking for. So, why to re-develop? Thousands of extensions, components, plug-ins, etc. are available online to integrate in site for better functionality. One would require developing every function, if they weren’t using a CMS.

Moreover, it is essential to know it doesn’t essential your CMS has all the advantages that you are looking for. There are two different types of CMSs, such as: Custom built software and “Open-Source Software”. Thus, it is compulsory to understand huge difference between choosing these two CMSs.

Those businesses, who have custom build CMS, will always remain dependent for many things
  • For upgrades (it needs on reactive basis due to bugs fixing)
  • When you need particular function to be installed on your site.
  • It doesn’t work on various platforms as “Open Source software”
There are many reasons that tell you to use open source CMS. In some cases, you need professional help for developing website. But, there are some differences as well.
  • It simply means improvements and upgrades are proactive instead of reactive.
  • A whole community manages the platform for making sure its ongoing success.
  • Many web designers are using such platforms as their business’s basis. These means designers have knowledge of ins-outs of the business.
Application or Not

Whether you should choose custom application on your website or not, this is the first consideration. It is advisable to custom CMS for integrating some custom functionality. Moreover, your developers will have to follow the existing protocols and architecture when developing custom application.

Interestingly, it allows your developers to create website content. There is lots of plug-ins available for Pre-built CMS solutions that can extend functionality, but a custom solution is best for those people, who are looking to the Internet.

Here, we refer users, who will manage the CMS and here, we are considering two factors, i.e. the number of users and their skill levels. Each content management system will manage users and roles.

A custom CMS is better solution for those organization that have a very descriptive workflow process. With custom CMS, users can enable to built their role around an existing workflow and approval process that delivers understanding to those users, who already work in the workflow. Such would speed acceptance of the new website.

The “savvy” of your users is the second part of this factor. Each system will have its benefits, if users are not web “savvy”. Once the CMS is ready for live production data, training will be given. One of the best advantages of custom CMS would be a customization of the labels or taxonomy that would help those users, who recognize data and actions by using different language.

Pre-determined names available by default in a pre-built CMS for different functions and buttons. Different words like “themes”, “modules”, or “plug-ins” are used by a packaged CMS that seems to be strange to the user base. Admin can only get success of the site when they keep the interface label familiar to their users.


Coding update is an important different between two alternatives. Custom CMS means the CMS is created once and developed for particular solution. One can have to pay their developers for updating the CMS when someone wants new functions and capabilities.

Community development is continuing update pre-built CMS that offer latest options, features, themes and so on. Such thing allows CMS to become more refined work and mostly updates are available for free.

Hopefully, this blog will be helpful for you to choose one of the best options for your web development service.

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