Why to Make Use of Open Source to Drive Small Business Innovation?

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A lot of businesses and government organizations are making use of open-source software like Linux; therefore, it is clear that price is not the only benefit behind this.

If you are thinking that a lot of companies adopted open source due to its price during the Great Recession, then it would surely have switched back to any costly proprietary thing, but this is not the case with it.

Apart from free, open-source software offers a lot of other powerful benefits for businesses. However, some of them are extremely valuable than the software's affordable price. Let's have a look on why you should use open source to drive your small business innovation:
  1. Quality
For you, which is better: a software package that developed a some of the developers, or a software package that developed by thousands of developers? There are a lot of developers and users, who are working to boost the security of open source software, so are there various new features and improvements to those products?

Generally, open source software gets nearest to what users look as those users can have a hand in making it so. It is not all about the vendors providing users what it thinks they want – they can make it well. It comes to know by a recent study that technical quality is typically the major reason enterprises select open source software.
  1. Freedom
After opting for open source software, a lot of businesses free themselves from terrible vendor lock-in, which can disconcert users of proprietary packages. A lot of customers of these vendors are at the clemency of the vendor's vision, requirements, timetable, priorities, rules, prices and more that bounds what they can actually do with the products.

Today, users are under control to make their own decisions and to do what they want with the software. Moreover, they also have a world-wide community of developers and users at their power for help with that.

  1. Security
It is quite difficult to think of a better testament to the superiority security of open source software than the new disclosure by coverity of a number of defects in the Android Kemel. However, What's so exhortatory about this discovery, and a lot of people noted that the only reasons it was possible because the Kemel code is open to public view.
  1. Customization
However, it is also possible for businesses to take an open source software and tweak it to meet their business requirements. Simply, it is a matter of customizing it to add the functionality they want since the code is open. Make sure that you do not try it with proprietary software.
  1. Gives Business Agibility
Ensure that you don't be confused with agile development as business agility is nothing, but the ability to react to marketplace demands instantly. Open source offers this to developers and businesses by speeding up the pace of software development.

From open source's capability, businesses similarly benefit from open source's capability to allow them react quickly. All those companies that are using open source software code are not tied to vendor's timelines for commercial app upgrades.
  1. Interoperability
Open source software is a lot better than matching to open standards than proprietary software. Open source software is definitely the way to go if you value interoperability with other businesses, users and computers.

Therefore, businesses can go with open source software and platform to expand their business across the world. Moreover, if you are looking forward to open source customization or integration services, you can contact us as we have professional open source developers to work with you.
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