10 Best and Popular Content Management Systems to Check Out

Content Management System
When it comes to choosing a content management system, there are many alternatives to choose from. So, check out some of the best collection of 10 best CMS options. Here we have listed some familiar CMS like WordPress and also others that might be new for you. Explore and decide which is better for you to adopt for your business.


WordPress is the most popular and state-of-the-art publishing platforms that focus on usability, aesthetics, and web standards. It comes with a quick installation feature, which is considered as the strength of this platform.

Interestingly, WordPress has the massive user and developer community due to which it has a collection of enhancements and plug-ins to extend platform’s functionality.


One of the mostly adopted, Textpattern is better known for its simplicity elegance. Textpattern isn't a CMS, however, it comes with svelte and minimal code base. Textpattern delivers the best content management system that developed standards-compliant and well-structured pages.

Textile markup in the textareas is used by Textpattern rather than providing a WYSIWYG editor for creating HTML elements within the pages. Textpattern has an active developer community that provides help and resources at their Textpattern.org site.


Incorporated with Ajax and other Web 2.0 features, Contao comes with a collection of features like rolling back to prior versions of content, editing multiple records and so on. Different types of common built-in modules are added in Contao. Users can also find some premium as well as free theme for Contao.


An open source CMS, SilverStripe is best suited for designers and developers, who know how to code well. It has a recipes and tutorials for beginning developers and different modules for forums, blogs and forms. Designers can use HTML or CSS, whichever they preferable.

SilverStripe comes with a powerful content authoring tools that permit to set up their own content and can be published/unpublished content on particular date. Users can find a robust development community for instant help.


Joomla! is blessed with everything that you are looking for developing your website. From inventory control systems to reservation systems, complex business directories, etc., you will find every prominent feature in Joomla! Users don’t need any custom coding for extending Joomla!’s functionality as there are many plugins and add-ons for Joomla! are available.


Written in PHP, DotNetNuke is a rare exception, which is written in Microsoft’s ASP .Net and suited to Windows servers, and this consideration. Thus, this is one of the best reasons why people choose for DotNetNuke.

Unlike many solutions, DotNetNuke is not an open source solution, however, you can use a demo site and trial. 


Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems for developing best websites. Drupal can be scaled for developing personal blogs or enterprise website. 

Additionally, it has many different modules for adding/increasing functionality.


Concrete5 enables to develop and manage different website without using much time and money. Concrete5 is an ultimate time saving solution for developer, designers and site owners due to its easy-to-use feature and best looks.


RefineryCMS is based in Ruby on Rails framework that features a collection of different engines like image gallery, blogs, membership, search, etc. It comes with same conventions that made a platform success by adopting concentrate on the end users when developing the user interface and delivering a simple hook for adding new functions and redesigns both the admin screens and the front end.


Umbraco is another best open source ASP.Net solution that available with optional paid-for services like support and training. Umbraco is popular among some best brands as it enables to make things simpler for the web publishers with open source licensing.

Above listed are 10 best CMS to look after. If you are thinking to adopt one of the content management systems for your business, then contact Perception System for better solution through our CMS experts.
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