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Bernard Golden, a columnist, attends some of the conferences. After attending conferences, he comes away with both an understanding of Enterprise IT’s assurance to open source and some realistic advice for people, who are considering open source enterprise solutions.

He just finished attending two main conferences – the Cloud Foundry Summit and the OpenStack Summit. When it comes to talking about both the conferences, both were hives of activity with presence well up on the earlier event.

According to him, the most outstanding thing to him was the huge presence of large enterprise IT decision makers – directors of applications, architects and operations. Enterprise IT has big and growing commitment to open source products in partiality to proprietary alternatives.

The Advantages of Open Source:

Well, it is the most interesting and welcomes development as lots of enterprises appreciate the benefits of open source-licensed products:

Wonderful Innovative

Open source development is known for replicating Bill Joy’s law: It doesn’t matter who you are, there are lots of smartest people, who are working for someone else. For all the software vendors, it is true, so making use of a product with a potentially bigger developer base allows users to get complete access to greater innovation. There is another way as well – by enabling anyone to contribute code, it allows an open source product to incorporate unusual use cases that a proprietary vendor would either ignore or dismiss.

Greater Transparency:

Not only the source code is obtainable as all of the design discussions, etc are obtainable in the open, in contrast to the enigmatic processes of proprietary vendors. However, it is extremely easy yet effective to assess the product and its community and decide if using the product is a good decision or not.

Huge Ability to Influence Product Direction:

Mainly, it is a formula of the software industry. People, who are spending their gold, get to guide the boat. It is better to hope your product objectives align with the vendor or its large users if you are a small customer of an important proprietary software vendor.

A Right Fit for Containers

For third platform applications, open source licensing models are a much better fit. When it comes to their intrinsic load variability, it means that new examples/containers are being initiated and stopped all the time.

It shows huge challenges to proprietary code products as they are licensed on a perpetual basis per example/container. In any case, if the application has extremely high use more than 10% of its lifespan, which means purchasing different licenses, which are rarely used. For static applications, proprietary licenses are a right choice with steady use profiles. By difference, open source licenses are a right choice for the Third Platform world.

With no per-server/container cost, applications can be designed to support high load variability with no cost constraints. A lot of people believe that Third Platform applications come to show the majority of applications that mean open source will come to control new apps.

Believing That Open Source for Your Enterprise

Open source is the main feature of enterprise IT going forward – below, you can find some of the important things to keep in mind:

Recognize Your Key Open Source Components – 

Some of the components will represent critical dependencies as open source will be spread across your applications. All are those, who you need to be particular about their maturity, community size and robustness and openness to code contributors and feature suggestions.

Develop Open Source Skills – 

Being a completely involved in open source is more than downloading and installing a software component for an application. It is important to comprehend the development pace likely sparseness of documentation. You will require such staff members, who are more eager to be engaged with a product and its community.

Make a Decision What to Add & What to Keep Internal – 

It is essential for you to make a decision for any code you write as where to place it. If you have decided to add it to your product, your code will become an integral part of the product and be there in future releases. You also expect to keep it regular that means a constant commitment that is far less than the work you will take on if you do not add your code that needs re-integration with every release.

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