7 Incredible Open Source Server Tools That You Should Checkout

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Are you working with open source servers? If yes, it is pivotal to know that a massive number of tools are obtainable for you, ranging from security to functionality to monitoring. 

You can find tools just about anything that you can imagine. In case, if you were to collect a complete single list of tools to comprise on your open source server farm, what would be that list includes?

Well, it is true that the list tends to change; however, certain tools always stay on it. Below, you can find some of the most important tools that you can check out and use in your day-to-day task:

Capistrano –

When it comes to talking about Capistrano, it is a remote server automation and deployment tool, which supports scripting and task automation. Users of this tool can easily deploy web apps to multiple machines concurrently or in sequence, run automatic audits, perform data migrations, script arbitrary workflows over SSH and more. This tool can easily be integrated with any Ruby software.

Mono –

An open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET technologies ‘Mono’ is the best open source tool that has captured the attention of numerous developers and businesses on a worldwide scale.

This high-end tool is sponsored by Novell and it is known for combining two incompatible worlds into a single agile, open source and steady realm. Moreover, this high-end tool enables users to generate advanced server-side applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

phpMyAdmin –

Do you want a tool to make the management of your MySQL database a lot easier? phpMyAdmin is one such tool that you are looking for. This tool is extremely easy to install and use as the tool has taken up little room on your server.

This tool has made managing database, tables, columns, indexes, columns, permissions and more. Moreover, it is a web-based interface that made managing your database a lot simple as point and click.

Apache –

Internet’s most popular and wide used web server ‘The Apache Web Server’ is the project that everyone associates with apache.org. It might also surprise users to know that 70 other projects are there under the Apache umbrella.

When it comes to talking about enterprise-level projects like Tomcat, ActiveMQ, Geronimo, several of the Apache projects are also relate to Java. If you still have not checked out apache.org, you should check it out.

Webmin –

For a long time, Webmin has been around in the market as it is the most widely demanded and easy-to-install tool for server admin. This tool has proved itself year after year. Moreover, you can easily make use of this tool to administer every aspect of your server, comprising MySQL, DNS, Apache, file sharing, DNS, firewalls and more.

This high-end tool is extremely powerful, so users of it will be hard-pressed to search for a GUI better suited to help administer your Linux server.

OpenLDAP –

The all new OpenLDAP is the best open source iteration of LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol). While it is extremely powerful and flexible tool and one of the biggest problems of the system is its difficulty. However, it is not point-and-click tool, which you will find with Windows Active Directory. Even there are numerous GUI tools that especially designed to make the management of OpenLDAP a lot simpler.

Ganglia –

Another server monitoring tool ‘Ganglia’ that is geared toward high-performance systems like grids and clusters. The tool is known for making use of XML for data representation, portable data transport, XDR for compact and RRDtool for data storage and visualization.

Users will not find any other tool that is better suited for presenting data and information of a cluster in a useable and simplified manner. If you want to administer such things like high-performance systems you would remiss if you didn’t not look at least take a look at Ganglia as your go-to cluster monitor.

So, these are the top 7 open source server tools, which you should check-out and make use of these tools in your day-to-day tasks. In case, if you need an opensource developer support or assistance for your project, you can get in touch with our team as we have an experienced team of developers.
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