15 Must-Use AngularJS Tools For Web Developers

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AngularJs is one of the best open source web app frameworks that deliver quality to your project along with HTML. Developed and maintained by Google, AngularJs is widely popular among web developers, as it provides edge to their development task.

No doubt, there are uncountable number of AngularJs tools available online, however, choosing the best one is quite difficult so we have listed the most popular 15 AngularJs tools for web developers to choose.


Mocha is mostly adopted feature-rich JavaScript test framework that runs on node.js and browser by making asynchronous testing interesting. It runs tests serially and provide flexible and accurate reporting.


Customized version of Eclipse, Aptana is one of the best open source IDEs focusing on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other web goodies. In order to use Aptana for Angular support, users just have to install the AngularJs Eclipse extension from the Eclipse Marketplace.


WebStorm is a IDE for AngularJs that delivers excellent support for HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and CSS. This tool works well with some modern and excellent technologies for web development.

Angular fire

An excellent framework for AngularJs, Firebase is the best libraries used for creating web and mobile applications with ease. This powerful framework is best for JavaScript users.


Created for Angular, Karma is a great test runner used with any Javascript framework. This tool supports different types of testing such as midway testing, unit testing, and E2E testing. It works by opening browsers and can also communicate with an active browser by using socket.io and even, ask users whether to run test or not.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another popular text editors lovable due to its customizability functionality. It has customizable code snippet support, and has different packages such as the AngularJS package that enable users to work with Angular.


Restangular helps to simplify common GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests with a minimum of client code. It is best for any WebApp that grabs data from a RESTful API.

ng Inspector

ng-inspector is an amazing browser extension for Chrome and Safari that adds an inspector pane to build, debug and understand your AngularJS applications.

Angular Deckgrid

Angular deckgrid is a lightweight and free to download grid for AngularJS. Its directive doesn’t depend on the visual representation. Its responsiveness and beauty comes from your CSS file.

Angular Seed

It is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app. Angular Seed can be used to bootstrap your angular webapp projects and dev environment.


Protractor is the most powerful automated end-to-end Angular testing tool that created by combining some great technologies such as webDriver, Mocha, Cucumber and Jasmine.

Angular Batarang

Angular Batarang is another tool developed by the Angular team. It is recommended Chrome extension for debugging Angular applications. This extension shows you the model, performance and dependency debugging after checking your application.

Code Orchestra

COLT is a front-end development tool, enabling to write code live-style. It has support for AngularJS. Users just have to modify the code and save. The changes are given to the working application by using a special protocol.

Generator Angular
Generator Angular is a code generator that helps to speed up Angular development with some terminal commands. Interestingly, it generates development server, view, directives, unit and framework testing, and so on.

ngDocs – AngularJS Reference

ngDocs is an Android application, offering AngularJS documentation and references for users. It also provides basic tutorials for novice Angular developer. Additionally, you can also have developer guide and error reference.

Above listed are best and most recommended AngularJS tools for web developers to use to ease their task. Moreover, if you have AngularJS development project in your mind and want to hire AngularJS developer then contact Perception System, a leading web development company.
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