20 Latest Extensions and Plugins for Bootstrap

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Bootstrap comes with loads of tools and extensions that make it more powerful for users to use. If you want to enhance functionality of Bootstrap then you can have a collection of useful extensions and plug-ins. Check out the given list of some latest and fabulous plug-ins for Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Image Gallery

Bootstrap Image Gallery is a responsive and customizable video and image gallery. It displays images and videos through Bootstrap's modal dialog and have support for mouse and keyboard navigation, swipe, full-screen display, on-demand content loading and transition effects.

Strapslide Slider Plugin

Strapslide is a fully customizable mobile and responsive Bootstrap slider plugin, available with support for displaying images, videos, HTML markup and captions. This plug-in doesn’t have any preset animations and thus, it enables to create your own.

Icon Animator for Bootstrap

Icons Animator is another excellent extension used for adding subtle animations to all Bootstrap navigation elements. Icons Animator is available with 18 different hover effects and 5 display modes.

Social Buttons for Bootstrap

Social Buttons is one of the purest CSS libraries of elegant and versatile social signin buttons that based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

Yamm! Megamenu

Yamm! is another excellent mega menu addon used for the standard navbar markup and fluid grid system classes. This plug-in works for both responsive and fixed layouts and supports the inclusion of almost all Bootstrap elements.


BootstrapTreeNav is another JS plugin used for Bootstrap to create tree-style navigation menus. It is an easy-to-use and remarkable plug-in.


jqBootstrapValidation is an exceptionally well popular jQuery validation framework for Bootstrap forms that can show validation warnings and errors as the user inputs information.

CSS3 Responsive Forms Pack

A simple and professional Bootstrap form framework, CSS3 Responsive Forms Pack strikes a balance between simplicity and elegance. No JavaScript is used for building this plug-in, it is just created with pure CSS. This plug-in is available with inbuilt support for Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome icons and also has templates for login and registration forms.

Bootstrap Tabcollapse

Tabcollapse is a small plug-in that used to change the Bootstrap tabs component to collapse component for smaller devices.

Accordian Wizard

As name suggests Acc-Wizard is an accordion-based wizard system that based on Bootstrap styles.

Bootstrap Confirmation

Bootstrap Confirmation is an addon to avoid interrupting a user’s workflow. This plug-in has replaced confirmation dialogs with popovers.

flavr – Flat jQuery Popup Dialog

flavr is another excellent Bootstrap compatible popup dialog box that comes with animation. It is using animate.css and are compatible with any modern browser.

Image Gallery

With this plug-in, one can see images and videos in the modal dialog of the Bootstrap. It comes with loads of features such as transition effects, swipe, mouse & keyboard navigation, fullscreen support, on-demand content loading and so on.


Tocify.js is a jQuery plugin that used for developing table of contents section. It can be themed with jQueryUI or Bootstrap.

DMSS Style Switcher

DMSS is the best Bootstrap-based jQuery plugin that enable to change particular webpage’s style with ease.

Pricely Price Charts

Pricely is another excellent Bootstrap extension that used to create elegant price charts and tables.


SelectBoxIt comes with a gorgeous and feature-rich drop-downs option. This plug-in supports Bootstrap, jQueryUI, and jQuery Mobile themes and replaces ugly HTML select boxes.

Bootstrap Paypal Shopping Cart

Paypal Shopping Cart is one of the best and easy-to-use jQuery based shopping cart system used for Bootstrap. Users just have to configure their inventory and store their meta data in a simple structured JSON file.


Tablecloth is one of the best jQuery plugin packaged with 3 pre-designed styles (default, dark and stats).

Bootstrap Combobox

Bootstrap Combobox is an easy-to-use plugin, transforming a select box into an autoselecting combobox.

These are some of the best and remarkable Extensions and Plugins for Bootstrap. If you are looking for professional bootstrap development service from reputed Bootstrap Web Development Company then Contact Perception System.
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