5 Quick Email Techniques that Increase Your Customers & Boost Revenue

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Email marketing tools are the great way to connect with your customers and bring more sales. According to some survey, it has been surveyed that about 73% of marketers considered email as the core of their business while the last year it was just 68%.

There is no secret that email marketing plays an important role in generating a high ROI and it is increasing gradually. It includes the capability of email tools available for business. Such as triggered emails that automate the sending of welcome emails, post-purchase emails, re-engagement emails and so on.

As each message is appropriate to the recipient’s context, and thus, they find it useful than the average bulk email. Automated emails are also powerful. Those people, who are not using automated emails, can also use Vtiger’s workflows to automate popular emails. Check out some listed emails.

Welcome email

Do you know Welcome email offers deliver 8 times more the income of traditional email? About 70% of customers are expecting a welcome email when they are subscribing to the email list. It should be better designed so it delivers you 4 times the open rate and 5 times the click rate of other bulk emails.

Moreover, you should add unique or limited time offers in the email body to leverage the elevated engagement. With this effort, one can easily enjoy increase in transaction rates about 800%.

Re-engagement emails

Have you ever thought how to reawaken dormant leads and customers? Re-engagement emails can do.

It is one type of “we missed you” email, which is considered as an alarm clock to awakens inactive leads and customers. With this email type, one can re-engage 8% of inactive customers

However, you have to ensure to add a clear call-to-action, and a clear path to engage recipients.

Thank you email
Do you have an idea that Thank You Email increase repeat purchases by 10%? Thank you email is sent immediately after any customer makes purchases. Such mails have high open and click-through rates and offering excellent opportunities to sellers to invite more customers.

One way to do this is to showcase related products that a customer might be interested in. It is survey that one in every 10 customers, who receive “thank you” email return to purchase again.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are used to in cross selling and driving future engagement. We have seen customers are spending more time in reading transactional emails such as delivery information, shipping information, order confirmations, and other related types.

According to 60% of customers, such types of emails are valuable than bulk notices and promotional emails.

Invoice payment reminder emails

Invoice payment reminder emails are an important email as it reduces stress level of getting payment on time. If any seller delivers customer payment terms then can easily saves their time and can spend on other task. If you are spending an automated email a week in advance, you can get payment on time.

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